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⚠ WIP: This article is a work in progress and is not yet approved for usage in the RP.
⚠ NOTE: This is a stub currently due to the fact that it is impossible to meet with them at this point. ⚠

Creators of the Meltran Nanocrobes and Kepler Microbial Life, little is known about the Zel'Martese race. All that is known is that the source of the space probes are to the galactic northeast of known space in an area that is currently unmapped.

Unknown Information

Information that can be found through research of Kepler Microbial Life or zelmartese deep-space probe.

Location of Territory

Based upon telemetry data left over from the probe navigation system, which was downloaded into the Kepler Network servers, the Zel'Martese territory is located at least 30 light-years to the galactic east of the gartagen_union and about 10 light-years north-east of the Kingdom of Neshaten1). However, it is unknown how great their territory spans.

Zel'Martese Deep-Space Probes

While there is only evidence of two deep-space probes, it is quite possible the Zel'Martese have sent dozens (if not hundreds) of probes filled with some variation of nanotech to explore or populate other worlds. Once evidence of these probes has been researched, it might be wise to be on the look out for more probes.


OOC Notes

⚠ NOTE: All information on this stub can be used as a hook for future plots. ⚠

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