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Star Army Alterations and Embroidery

Found on almost all large ships and bases, alterations and embroidery shops help keep Star Army of Yamatai soldiers looking their best by carefully sewing on patches, rank stripes, and hat ribbons. Depending on the size of the base, some of the shops are open 24 hours a day.

Note: the alterations and embroidery shop will not work on an item if is it not clean.

sleeve rank rank insignia Type 38 Hinomaru Insignia Star Army Cap, Type 32 Star Army Officer Cap

Special: Recycle your obsolete Star Army uniforms by turning them in here! If you turn in an obsolete old uniform, you get a coupon for up to 25 KS value for work or products!

Products and Services

Starship Captain

The Star Army Alterations and Embroidery primarily works on clothing but it also has a small selection of replacements for the items it works on and items that are commonly lost or replaced.


For more Star Army uniform items, visit a Star Army Clothing Store.


  • Embroidered initials on towels and blankets (1 KS per letter)
  • Hat customization for ball caps (5 KS per hat)
  • Hat ribbon replacement (5 KS)
  • Patch attaching (3 KS for each patch sewn on)
  • Patch attaching, removable (5 KS each; hook and loop fasteners)
  • Patch embroidery (creating a patch 10 KS)
  • Uniform alterations and repair (30 KS per hour plus fabric cost)
  • Silkscreen name print for duffel bag (5 KS)
  • Uniform coat button replacement (5 KS)
  • Uniform color panel change (25 KS)
  • Uniform skirt hemming (10 KS flat fee)

OOC Notes

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