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Kuvexian War Service Ribbon

The Kuvexian War Service Ribbon is a military award of the Star Army of Yamatai.


The Kuvexian War began in YE 38 when the Yamatai Star Empire declared war on the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia for various hostile transgressions.

In YE 39 the Star Army began phasing out the War Medal in favor of service ribbons designed to further distinguish the various wars the Star Army of Yamatai fought in. The Kuvexian War Service Ribbon was first issued in late YE 41.


Unlike the two other new war service ribbons, this one takes a departure from the venerable War Medal. The purple and gold are the representation of the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia. The field of blue represents valor of those within the SAoY, while the bars of black and white determination.

It is worn on the Type 35 Class A formal uniform.


To qualify for this war service ribbon:

  • Must be a member of the Star Army of Yamatai
  • Participated in direct combat or supported direct combat during the Kuvexian War

Issuing Authority

The award is issued by:


OOC Notes

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