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Order Of The Blazing Sun

The Order of the Blazing Sun is the Star Army of Yamatai's highest award for combat gallantry.


The Order of the Blazing Sun was introduced in YE 30.


The requirements to recieve this award are:

  • Must be a member of the Star Army of Yamatai
  • “This soldier is recognized for displaying extreme courage and valiance at the risk of their own well being beyond what their duty demands when engaged in honorable combat with an enemy of the Yamataian Star Empire.”

Issuing Authority

Neck Order “Recommendation by soldier's commanding officer and approval of the Taisho of the Star Army.”


The Order of the Blazing Sun is a golden eight-ray sunburst medallion with a Star Army Hinomaru at its center. The medal hangs from a moiré silk ribbon that measures 30mm wide and 500mm in length. The ribbon is colored Ketsurui crimson, and overlaid with thin vertical stripes of blood red, dark red, and navy blue. It is worn around the neck as part of the Type 35 Class A formal uniform.

Service Ribbon A service ribbon variant is also issued with the medal, and is made from the same fabric pattern as the neck ribbon. It can be worn in lieu of the neck order as part of Class A formal dress, and is usually worn in this way for non-ceremonial functions that still call for Class A attire. The service ribbon is placed second in the order of precedence behind the Yui's Blood Medallion.

Notable Recipients

OOC Notes

Medal created by raz.

Lineart for the neck version by Gormstar on DeviantArt and colored by Wes.

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