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Star Army Bases

This is a list of the of current, notable bases of the Star Army of Yamatai. Some of them are on planets, while others take the form of space stations.

New List

1Akarui Star FortressValentineFleet BaseStar FortressThird Fleet
2Aquarius Star FortressKoukotsu SystemFleet BaseStar FortressFirst Expeditionary Fleet
3Black Sands Test RangeYamatai (Planet)Testing/Training AreaBaseStar Army Research Administration
4Central Fleet DepotCentral UesureyaManufacturing & LogisticsFleet DepotStar Army Logistics
5Chiharu no IoriVeronicaFleet BaseStar FortressSecond Expeditionary Fleet
6Chikara StarbaseDaichiFleet Base (2XF Depot)StarbaseSecond Expeditionary Fleet
7Educational Facility 1Ketsurui no IoriNekovalkyrja Basic TrainingTraining SchoolStar Army Training Administration
8Elysian Naval ArsenalElysia NovusMinor Fleet DepotFleet DepotStar Army Logistics
9Fate BastionShugosha IDefense BaseBastionFirst Expeditionary Fleet
10Fort AsuraAsura IIIBaseBaseStar Army Rikugun
11Fort GaranchouSX-05Frontier OutpostFrontier StarportSecond Expeditionary Fleet
12Fort HajimeKotori SystemTraining FortBaseStar Army Training Administration
13Fort HankouRonica (Planet)HQ of SATA (Training)BaseStar Army Training Administration
14Fort IngestrieTatianaSATA Infantry Training BaseBaseStar Army Training Administration
15Fort Minori Reserve CenterNatariaStar Army Personnel HubReserve CenterStar Army Reserve
16Fort NozomiGashmereBaseBaseStar Army Rikugun
17Fort OharaOharaSpace Station over OharaSpace StationFirst Fleet
18Fort PhaetonMurfFrontier OutpostFrontier StarportFourth Fleet
19Fort ReadyNatariaTraining BaseBaseStar Army Training Administration
20Fort ShizukaValentineFleet BaseBaseThird Fleet
21Fort ShotouDaichiBaseSecond Expeditionary Fleet
22Fort TokyoJiyuu IIIFleet BaseBaseFirst Expeditionary Fleet
23Fort Victory Reserve CenterKyotoReserve CenterReserve CenterStar Army Reserve
24Gemini Star FortressJiyuu SystemFleet HQStar FortressFirst Expeditionary Fleet
25Ghost Star FortressNatariaFleet BaseStar FortressSecond Fleet
26Himitsu Star FortressFleet BaseStar FortressSeventh Fleet
27Hotaru Star FortressFleet BaseStar FortressSeventh Fleet
28Irim's CityYamatai Star SystemFleet BaseStar FortressFirst Fleet
29Jiyuu Fleet DepotJiyuu IIIEastern DepotFleet DepotStar Army Logistics
30Ketsurui Star FortressYamatai Star SystemFleet Base & Command HQStar FortressFirst Fleet
31Ketsurui no IoriKetsurui no IoriFortified CityBaseStar Army Research Administration
32Legacy Bastion (Katsuko no Iori)Gensou SystemFleet BaseStar FortressFirst Expeditionary Fleet
33Leo Star FortressAsura SystemFleet BaseStar FortressFirst Expeditionary Fleet
34Libra Star FortressDaichiFleet BaseStar FortressSecond Expeditionary Fleet
35Nataria Fleet DepotNatariaMajor DepotFleet DepotStar Army Logistics
36Nemesis BastionSiren IDefense BaseBastionFirst Expeditionary Fleet
37Pisces StationXylarInternational StationStar FortressSeventh Fleet
38Sakura Fleet DepotScrapyard SystemScrapyard for old ShipsFleet DepotStar Army Logistics
39Scorpio Star FortressKetsurui NebulaSARA Research BaseStar FortressStar Army Research Administration
40Spirit CityTaloriFleet BaseStar FortressFourth Fleet
41Star Army AcademyTaniaOfficer academy, Science, MedicalTraining SchoolStar Army Training Administration
42Star Army MuseumNatariaMilitary History MuseumMuseumStar Army Logistics
43Taurus Star FortressTsuyosaFleet BaseStar FortressFourth Fleet
44Uesureyan FieldsUesureyan FieldsLogistics/Transportation HubBaseStar Army Logistics
45Uesureyan FortressKyotoStar Army RecruitingRecruiting CenterStar Army Personnel Command
46Virginia Fleet DepotVirginiaFleet Armory & Arms ProductionFleet DepotFirst Fleet
47Virgo Star FortressSamurai SectorFleet BaseStar FortressThird Fleet

Old List

Facility Location Description
Akarui Star Fortress Valentine 8th Fleet Hub
Aquarius Star Fortress Koukotsu System First Expeditionary Fleet Base
Black Sands Test Range Black Sands, Yamatai Testing/Training Area
Central Fleet Depot Central Uesureya, Yamatai Manufacturing & Logistics
Chiharu no Iori Veronica Second Expeditionary Fleet
Chikara Starbase SX-05 Home of 2XF Depot
Educational Facility 1 Ketsurui no Iori, Yamatai (Planet) Nekovalkyrja Basic Training
Elysian Naval Arsenal Keren III Minor Depot
Fate Bastion Shugosha System Defense Base
Fort Asura Asura System Main military starport for Asura III
Fort Garanchou Touketsu, SX-05
Fort Hajime Touketsu, SX-05 Training
Fort Hankou Ronica (Planet), Veronica Training Center; Mayame Officer School
Fort Ingestrie Tatiana Infantry School
Fort Jal Miu I, Miu Spacelane Defense
Fort Kuzuryū HX-2 II Base of Operations for Legion XII
Fort Mevar Mevar Local defense base
Fort Minori Reserve Center Nataria Personnel Headquarters
Fort Nozomi Gashmere
Fort Ohara Ohara Planetary Defense Force HQ
Fort Phaeton Phaeton, Murf Frontier Starport in the Bard Cluster
Fort Point Yicuqibu I local defense base
Fort Ready Nataria Training Center
Fort Shotou Daichi, Daichi System
Fort Shizuka Valentine
Fort Tokyo Jiyuu System
Fort Victory Reserve Center Kyoto, Yamatai (Planet) Basic Training
Gemini Star Fortress Jiyuu System 1st Expeditionary Fleet
Ghost Star Fortress Nataria Second Fleet
Himitsu Star Fortress Cellondora 7th Fleet
Hotaru Star Fortress Cellondora 7th Fleet
Irim's City Yamatai 1st Fleet
Jiyuu Fleet Depot Jiyuu System Eastern Depot
Legacy Bastion (Katsuko no Iori) Gensou System 1st Expeditionary Fleet
Ketsurui Fleet Yards HQ Ketsurui no Iori, Yamatai Starship design
Ketsurui Star Fortress Yamatai First Fleet
Leo Star Fortress Asura System Transferred to the First Expeditionary Fleet in YE 43.
Libra Star Fortress 2nd Expeditionary Fleet
Nataria Fleet Depot Nataria Major Depot
Nemesis Bastion Siren I, Siren System Secret First Expeditionary Fleet Base
Sakura Fleet Depot Scrapyard System Scrapyard for old starships
SAINT Installation 1 Vicky Star Army Intelligence
SARA HQ Ketsurui no Iori, Yamatai Research Center
Scorpio Star Fortress Ketsurui Nebula SARA Research Base
Spirit City Home of Fourth Fleet Depot
Star Army Academy Tania, Yamatai (Planet) Officer academy; science & medical training
Star Army Command Kyoto, Yamatai Headquarters Spire and City
Star Army Museum Nataria Museum
Taurus Star Fortress Tsuyosa 4th Fleet
Uesureyan Fields Uesureyan Fields, Yamatai Logistics Headquarters
Virginia Fleet Depot Virginia Major Depot and Fleet Armory
Virgo Star Fortress Samurai Sector 8th Fleet

Former Star Army Bases

These bases are no longer in service due to being closed or destroyed.

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