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Central Fleet Depot

The Central Fleet Depot is the headquarters of Star Army Logistics. It is located in the military-industrial city of Central Uesureya, Planet Yamatai.

The YSS Tomoyo and many other supply ships are based out of the Central Fleet Depot.


Nakeysha Smalls is the current primary secretary for the Central Fleet Depot.


When the Star Army was formed in YE 22, it adopted Central Uesureya as its primary logistics hub.

At some point, the Star Army Logistics moved its headquarters to nearby Uesureyan Fields, and Nataria Fleet Depot became the main hub for logistics until the Nataria star system was captured by the NMX in YE 31 during the opening of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, forcing the ancient depot back into service until Nataria was retaken in YE 33.

The starport facilities condition in YE 38 were described in the YSS Eucharis RP1): “The concrete floor was cracked and the scaffolding around the edges was covered in peeling paints in variously shaded layers, or streaks of rust that matched the ones coming down from the roof. The drainage ditches around the edges of the hangar were full of old nuts and bolts, brass ammunition cases and belt links, and random weeds eking out an existence from the sunlight that shined in through clouded, weathered window panes of nano-glass above. A variety of cranes, container movers, and various vehicles were lined up long one wall of the enormous hangar while the other was taken up by one to two story offices, their windows filled with damaged blinds and antique furniture and computer consoles from the early YE 20s. Outside the hangar was a railroad track for moving ship parts and a large landing area surrounded by other hangars. Already a number of flatcars with starship parts were waiting on the rail nearby. A road led towards the city skyline populated by skyscrapers in older styles.”

On 20日 5月 YE 39 (Kikyō No Sekku), Star Army Logistics moved its headquarters from back to its original YE 22 headquarters location2). The Star Army began a major refurbishment effort, adding new state-of-the-art facilities to the newly-designated Central Fleet Depot.

As of YE 41, the Central Fleet Depot has once more become a key center for Star Army Logistics.

Star Army Logistics Emblem


The Central Fleet Depot has powerful on-hand expertise and systems that allow it to reliably track materiel assets to ensure they are visible, accountable, and accessible. It identifies, evaluates, inspects, inventories, stores, secures, packages, containerizes, and ships items to anywhere in the universe (and occasionally, beyond).

The Central Fleet Depot specializes in assemblies, kits, packaging, and containerization. It can upgrade and standardize retrograde, used, or older Star Army Equipment returning from the battlefield to make it ready to distribute again and can assist with resets of units to standard inventory. It also can configure and calibrate electronic systems and computers.

The Central Fleet Depot is the primary manufacturer of textiles such as Bulletproof Wool, Star Army Uniforms, and a major storage area for Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE) including sidearms and hand weapons. Additionally, the Central Fleet Depot is key center for Zesuaium production and recycling and produces combat armor for starships and power armor sets.


The Central Fleet Depot is sprawling and massive. It contains both vast older facilities from before the Star Army was formed (many of which are showing their age) and huge newer warehousing complexes built since YE 39. These buildings are both above ground and below ground in extensive tunnels running deep into the rock.

Some of the facilities that the Central Fleet Depot includes are:


Because Central Uesureya is the center of the planet's rail network, it has excellent rail options. The depot has direct rail lines to Black Sands Test Range, Uesureyan Fields, and Kyoto. It also has rail access to other nearby cities such as Port Xenn and Tania. The Central Depot is home to an enormous rail yard/depot, and has internal rails running to all the hangars of its starport, to its many factories and warehouses, and down into the maze of underground tunnels and bunkers.

Additionally, hundreds of military transport ships and shuttles land and depart the spaceport each day, going to all corners of Yamatai-controlled space, so it is easy for someone in the military to get a ride.


These characters are or were previously stationed at the Central Fleet Depot:

Notable Stockpiles

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The depot has a song named after it on the album Star Army OST: Volume 1.

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