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Chikara Starbase

The Chikara, NK-X2-003 is a Kisaki-class Starbase built at Chiharu no Iori by Ketsurui Fleet Yards in YE 32 for the Star Army of Yamatai's Second Expeditionary Fleet. It is under the command of Ikehara Kazuo Shosa under 2XF Logistics. It operates out of SX-05.

It serves as the arms manufacturing facility for 2XF Depot. It is involved with refining resources, producing supplies, and equipment for the fleet and arranging their distribution.

2XF Depot - Chikara Starbase


Chikara is the sixth Kisaki-class Starbase constructed for the Second Expeditionary Fleet serving as the 2XF Depot.

2XF Logo


Chikara is painted Star Army of Yamatai blue, with the Star Army Hinomaru emblazoned on the top of each habitat module. The command module is white for visibility. Module four is a Ke-H4-M3101e - Military and is the only module with weaponry visible.


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