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Ether Base

In YE 34, the YSS Eucharis placed a base on the planet Ether, which currently consists of the following:


  • Jôtô Heisho Tokuhichi Erika, combat infantry.“ A businesslike light gray NH-33 Eihei with almond-shaped golden eyes and crew cut black hair. Dressed in a cold weather outfit. (Eucharis rescued her from Sbuhfaba).
  • Itto Hei Arnbjorg Hanai, a marble-skinned NH-33 Eihei infantry soldier with smoldering bright green eyes and French braided platinum blond hair. She is wearing a worn Type 35 Duty Uniform with cornflower blue panels, a pleated skirt and boots, and carrying a Type 33 NSP holstered on her belt with a Type 32 Trauma Kit over one shoulder. (She was sent here in fall YE 35 for her involvement in an incident during a protest at the Star Army Recruiting Center in Kyoto).



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