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Fort Asura

Fort Asura is the primary Star Army of Yamatai installation on Asura III in the Asura star system. It was built starting in late YE 37 and is located in the Yamatai Special Control Zone on the planet's equator. It was completed in May YE 38.

Fort Asura is located in a rainforested area on a tropical planet, so the base is usually very hot and humid, and most early soldiers there were involved in long days of construction outside. This has given rise the nicknames of “Fort Swampass” or simply “The Ass.”

The commander of Fort Asura during its foundation and development was Chujo Kunihiko Kyuwa, a pragmatic Minkan man with narrow emerald green eyes and wavy dark red hair. In YE 39, he turned over command to Chujo Fujiwara Miu, a cold-mannered Nekovalkyrja with flat grey eyes and plain, black and white hair.


The main secretary for this base is Filippa Kjell Freyasdottir.


Fort Asura is built in the same style as Fort Nozomi: a sprawling base that has a circular shape roughly 30 kilometers in diameter including a thick, Zesuaium-fortified concrete outer wall that is 25 km in diameter and 12 meters tall. The Zesuaium comes from scrapped and salvaged starships of the First Mishhuvurthyar War, including 50 salvaged Chiharu-class flagships. The outer edge of the base consists of open farmland where short plants like strawberries are grown, and has been expanded in recent years. The base features a large array of automated anti-aerospace and anti-ship turrets and defense systems (Ke-P3-1a Shield Tower and Ke-P3-2a Armed Tower). Inside the base is a large star port.

The based is garrisoned by 80,000 Star Army personnel, of which about half are assigned to infantry units, while the rest are logistics, maintenance, and administrative duties.

In YE 38, the Star Army added a Star Army Spire, Type 32 to the base.

In YE 39, base facilities expanded to include military dependents, turning Fort Asura into a military community as soldiers co-located with their wives, husbands, and families.

Following the opening of the base to dependents, a botanical institution sprung up to study the soil and growth of agriculture on Asura. The Facility also studies Xenobotany in a controlled environment, and uses the planet's healthy soil in order to facilitate this. To help fund their research they rent out plots on the base to grow orchards and farms, producing fruit which is sold to base dependent-families and the near-by Leo Star Fortress.

Garrison Forces


Fort Asura is currently equipped with the following facilities:


OOC Notes

Written by Wes.

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