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Fort Garanchou

Fort Garanchou is a Star Army of Yamatai planetary base located on Touketsu in the SX-05 Star System. It is named after a pelican-like bird native to the planet. It is commanded by Shôshô Vignir Thorfinson.


Construction of the base began in YE 32, after the start of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.

In YE 41, a Kikyo Pie Company location opened on Fort Garancho, providing pizza delivery to the barracks and other base locations.


Garanchou is a Frontier Fort, and has a Frontier Starport next to it. In addition to the standard fort features the fort has features as part of the depot. There are a dozen large storage structures built into the ice to allow the storage of perishable goods for long periods.

There is also a small Trinary Star Shipping starport for use of civilian shipping.

Nearby Taverns

The Happy Kettle is a mid-size green brick building frequently lambasted for its Nepleslian bourbon and robot servers. Inside there is a small plastic figure of a Nekovalkyrja soldier standing on each table. The bartender is a distrustful male Elysian Patrician with dark eyes and purple hair. Near the barkeep is a light plasma autocannon.

OOC Notes

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