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Fort Hajime

Fort Hajime is dedicated to training new personnel on Planet Kotori. It is located near Genseirin.

It is commanded by Miyamae Eriko and was spurred to be completed in mid YE 39 due to the Kuvexian War. It has enhanced gravity because of the planet's low gravity and artificial lighting throughout due to the dim red light of the system's star.

For more information on the plot surrounding this fort, click here!

More Information

  • Nicknames: “Boot Camp Seahorse”
  • School colors: blue and purple
  • Motto: Let's Begin!
  • Location: Planet Kotori


This chart shows the different sections of the fort.

# Description
1 Entrance
2 School Building
3 Courtyard
4 Admin Building
5 Dining
6 Clothing Store/ Alterations/ Barber/ Spa
7 Hospital
8 Post Office
9 Shipping Hangar and Office
10 Spire
11 Pool
12 Barracks

Below is an overhead view of the fort with the numbers corresponding to the above chart:


This section lists specific facilities.


On the opposite end of the parade ground is the entrance to the fort.

  • Security Checkpoint
  • Gift Shop
  • Parking Lot
  • Visitor's Center



Equipment of Note

The equipment of note of the Fort is below:

Aerospace Craft

The aeospace craft of the Fort are below:


Here are the consumables of the Fort:


Power Armor

The power armor of the base are below:

Training Program

See: Basic Training Programs

  • Review Phase I
    • Overview of the Star Army
    • Star Army values and ethics
    • Teamwork
    • Self-Discipline
    • Basic Combat Skills
    • Skills Training
    • Equipment Familiarization and Use
    • Firefighting and Damage Control
    • Teamwork
    • Strategy
    • Field Exercises
    • Combat Simulation
    • Mission Scenario
    • Final Exam

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