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Fort Ingestrie

Fort Ingestrie was constructed in YE 39 and serves Star Army Training Administration as a facility for the Star Army School of Advanced Infantry Combat special warfare training course. It is located on Tatiana. Fort Ingestrie is named after the commander of the VII Legion, Shosho Ingestrie Clowasti

Fort Ingestrie is located on one of the more equatorial of Tatiana's continents, situated in what is for all intents and purposes a mosquito infested swampy island. It is a small installation in and of itself, only a few square miles in size. Most of the base proper facilities are composed of the Command buildings, various residential facilities, the facilities for training, and a number of hangars and armories. The Fort is protected by a Ke-P3 Series Defense Towers.


Fort Ingestrie was built in YE 39 using multiple off the shelf modules to serve as the location of a special training school for infantry.


Local Amenities

Equipment of Note

The equipment of note of the Fort is below:

Aerospace Craft

The aeospace craft of the Fort are below:


Here are the consumables of the Fort:


Vehicles such as grav and ground and power armor are listed here.

Power Armor

The power armor of the base are below:

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