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Fort Phaeton

Fort Phaeton is a Star Army of Yamatai base on Phaeton in the Murf star system, which is in the Bard Cluster. It is a Frontier Starport that was deployed by the Fourth Standard Fleet in YE 32.

There's usually a couple of ships visiting it at any given time to stop for repairs, but it's a fairly sleepy place.

Fort Phaeton has a monument for soldiers of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet who died during the Battle of Murf.


Mack Brady is the current soldier handling communications with Fort Phaeton.


Fort Phaeton was built in YE 32 as part of the Star Army Fourth Fleet's fortification of star systems of the Bard Cluster during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. It is one of the original standardized Star Army Frontier Starports.

There used to be a Frontier Fort on Phaeton, but the Star Army packed it up and took it away to Talori in YE 38, leaving Fort Phaeton as the only Star Army facility on the planet.

In YE 41, a Kikyo Pie Company opened and pizza delivery became available on and around the fort.

OOC Notes

Wes created this article on 2016/10/03 11:05. Credit goes to Perilous Siege for suggesting the fort's name.

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