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Fort Ready

Fort Ready is a military base on Nataria that consisted of a central complex surrounded by several ranges and training areas, as well as a small starport. It was built in YE 27 and was formerly operated by the Star Army Training Administration until YE 31, when it was captured by the NMX, who used it to provide training to their soldiers. In YE 33, the Nataria System was recaptured by the Star Army of Yamatai.


Calls to Fort Ready are taken by Helene Silje Alfredsdottir, the communications secretary.

Fort Ready in Roleplay

In response to the need for a training plot, Wes originally created Fort Ready in 2007 to provide new players a place to learn about the Star Army of Yamatai before being sent into one of the plot ships. So far there have been 6 iterations (classes) of the Fort Ready plot. Fort Ready was a play-by-post plot. After Nataria fell to the Mishhuvurthyar, the plot continued at the UX-13 Training Center (Fort Ready II).


Inside the huge concrete ramparts of the main fort, there is:

Outside, range complexes include:

  • A gas chamber
  • A lake, for swimming and boating
  • An energy pistol range
  • An off-road driving course
  • Land Navigation Area
  • Power armor hangars
  • The spaceport
  • Vehicle lot and maintenance shop

Fort Ready Veterans


Kimura Kiyoshi, Junior Instructor (Same as Takuma Kimura but two inches shorter.)


Culinary Arts

  • Taisa Taira Ume

OOC Notes

Art purchased from {unknown artist} by Wes

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