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Fort Shizuka

Fort Shizuka is a Star Army of Yamatai planetary base located on Valentine. It is named after the Taisho, Shizuka Endo.

Fort Shizuka is currently commanded by Taisa Falki Blaeingerson.


The communications secretary for Fort Shizuka is Erin Ragdoll.


Construction of the base began in YE 32 as a temporary home for the Eighth Standard Fleet, and to begin the long task of fortifying the system.


Facilities at Fort Shizuka are designed exactly like Fort Hanako, centered around the parade grounds and starport. The base is built on nine City Blocks and a starport behind them with a large underground bay beneath. The starport is also lined with above-ground hangars and warehouses.

Hangars and Warehouses
Spaceport and underground facilities
Flight School Motor Pool
Barracks Parade Field Admin Bldg.
Dining Hall Hotel Hospital
Entrance and Parking

Fort Shizuka also has:

Equipment of Note

Aerospace Craft


Ground Vehicles

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