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Gemini Star Fortress

Gemini Star Fortress, NK-X1-06 is a Zodiac-Class Star Fortress in the Star Army of Yamatai.


As of YE 41, Gemini's communications officer is Ellie Vixx.


Gemini Star Fortress was constructed near Hanako's World in YE 29. It serves as the headquarters of the First Expeditionary Fleet. The YSS Sakura docked there briefly before heading out in search of the mysterious “Dark Ones.”

Gemini occupied a key position, providing overwatch to Sakura's Gap, the main opening between the SMN/YSE space barrier.

In YE 39, the first Fuji-class Expeditionary Gunship was built at Gemini Star Fortress.

In YE 41, Gemini was relocated to Jiyuu System1). Also that year, the station got a Kikyo Pie Company storefront.

Notable Starships built at Gemini

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