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Ghost Star Fortress

Ghost Star Fortress (NK-X1-02) is an older Iori-Class Star Fortress. It is currently assigned to the Star Army Second Fleet and serves as a mobile headquarters, shipyard, and urban living space for that fleet.

Ghost Star Fortress

Ghost Star Fortress can usually be found in the Nataria Star System but occasionally travels to support fleet operations.


Amara Hazzel is the primary secretary for Ghost Star Fortress.


Ghost Star Fortress was built in YE 25. It served in the First Expeditionary Fleet circa YE 26/YE 27 until at least YE 29. During that time, it served under division commander Chujo Hisae Emiko and performed functions for the Star Army Research Administration.

Its sister stations were Ketsurui Star Fortress (NK-X1-01), Shadow Star Fortress (NK-X1-03), Image Star Fortress (NK-X1-04) and Spirit Star Fortress/Spirit City (formerly NK-X1-05, now NK-S4-02).



Among the supplies stocked at Ghost Star Fortress are:

OOC Notes

To the best of our knowledge, and going by the Internet Archive, Ghost Star Fortress first appeared in 2004. ~~WATCHCYCLE:wes:365~~

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