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Katsuko no Iori

Katsuko no Iori, NK-S4-01, is an Iori-Class Star Fortress. It is named after Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko.


Many starships, including YSS Ryoku, were built at Katsuko no Iori.

Katsuko no Iori has a branch office of the Kyoto War College.


The current communications secretary for this starbase is Oriana.


Katsuko no Iori was built and dedicated in YE 30.

Katsuko no Iori was once the Headquarters for Fourth Standard Fleet. During that time, it was stationed in the Taiie Nebula at the site of Taiie system.

It was relocated to Tsuyosa in YE 32.

In YE 33 work began on a Zodiac-Class Star Fortress to replace the aging star fortress. Taurus Star Fortress, that assumed the duties of this station. Katsuko no Iori was decommissioned and sent to the depot to be salvaged for scrap.

In YE 34, the 12th SF was formed and Katsuko no Iori was saved at the last minute. The Star Fortress was recommissioned to be the Headquarters of the newly-formed fleet, and was moved to HX-2. It was intended to serve as a shipyard and supply base for operations against the NMX in the Hanako Cluster.

In YE 36, Twelfth Fleet was disbanded and Katsuko no Iori was transferred to Star Army Second Fleet.

In YE 41, Katsuko no Iori was transferred to Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko's newly rebuilt First Expeditionary Fleet. A Kikyo Pie Company also opened on the station that year.

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