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Ketsurui Star Fortress

Ketsurui Star Fortress, NK-X1-01, is a Iori-Class Star Fortress. It is part of the Star Army of Yamatai's First Fleet and is commanded by Chujo Nataga Tai.

Ketsurui Star Fortress


As of YE 41, Jezzabel Laurenst is the primary communications officer for Ketsurui Star Fortress.


Ketsurui Star Fortress's original Imperial Registry Number (IRN) was NK-X1-01. Its sister ships were Ghost Star Fortress (NK-X1-02), Shadow Star Fortress (NK-X1-03), Image Star Fortress (NK-X1-04), and Spirit Star Fortress (NK-X1-05).

In YE 36, Ketsurui Star Fortress became part of the PAINT public transportation system and has a Tenba that regularly visits and provides passenger flights to Shinjuku Starport on Hanako's World.

In YE 39, Ketsurui Star Fortress's 16's starship construction bays were designated for restoration of older Kyoto-class starships recovered from Scrapyard System.

In YE 41, the Star Fortress was reassigned to First Fleet and returned from Himiko System to the Yamatai Star System. Also, a Kikyo Pie Company opened on the station that year.


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