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Kyoto War College

The Kyoto War College is a Star Army Training Administration institution that accepts senior enlisted transitioning to officer ranks; personnel selected for officer candidacy programs and senior officers looking to expand their skill sets into different areas that will lead towards some sort of undergraduate or graduate degree.

Star Army of Yamatai Personnel are eligible to enroll in any of the programs, provided that they meet the eligibility requirements for their requested program. A large majority of Strategists and high echelon commanders have attended, or completed correspondence courses through the Kyoto War College.

If attending the College or one of its branch locations, a promotion to cadet is typical. The correspondence training program is currently the most popular program throughout the fleets, as it can be completed while still serving on active duty with the proper arrangements with a ship's captain or executive officer to proctor tests.


The Kyoto War College was originally a place where officers being promoted to squadron or major fleet commands would go to receive formal and advanced training befitting their rank. The curriculum was aimed at officers of the Star Army of Yamatai Shosa or higher, or those going with special recommendations, it was rare to see lower ranking officers in advanced curriculum. They were trained to be experts on fleet warfare, unit management, public speaking, current laws.

In recent years however, the need for more structured officer training from lower ranks to junior officers has become needed, and the War College created an undergraduate program to train enlisted and NCO personnel into officers.

Current Curriculum

The curriculum is split between programs. The more advanced programs are aimed at officers of the Star Army of Yamatai Shosa or higher, or those going with special recommendations while, there are also the most basic officer programs offered for senior enlisted transitioning to officer ranks or for the instruction of new officers.

Undergraduate Courses

The War College's undergraduate programs are the newest curriculum offered and are meant to build new officers with a strong foundation in law, ethics, history, and tactics. This program is meant to be taught on campus over a 4 year period but it can be condensed into a 2 year part-time program through correspondence if the student has a strong foundation on the general education courses through applicable job experience.

Senior year for most Shoi Kohesei is consumed by the development of their program's final capstone project which is usually a thesis paper of sorts that they most heavily research and develop. The final result of the capstone projects sometimes lead to changes in campus life, administration or proposed changes to the Star Army itself if the proposals would actually benefit the Star Army of Yamatai.

Graduate Courses

The War College offers an 11 month intensive Master's program for Senior officers or other Star Army personnel already possessing a Bachelor's degree and a recommendation from their command. This program can also completed on a 2 year part time basis through correspondence and administration of tests by their home command.

The main focus of the different Master's programs are an in depth and heavily referenced thesis paper on a new perspective that is a minimum of 100 written pages. All students within this program are expected to report to class on time, manage their studies and maintain high personal standards but wear of their uniforms is not required except for specific functions.

Some Programs Offered

Command and Ship Operation program: Advanced Leadership, Ship Operations; communications (ship based, public speaking); International diplomacy (Law, philosophy, public relations).

Student Body

The Shoi Kohesei are the largest part of the student body and make up a majority of the on campus leadership and support. There are many different extra-curricular clubs for students to join if they so desire and various study groups. Shoi Kohesei in their final year tend to be more focused on their final capstone projects which usually require the entire year to completely research and develop.

Senior officers tend not to be as actively involved with Academy politics due to their coursework and the shorter length of time devoted to being on campus but they are free to participate in any of the on campus activities.

Kyoto Main Campus

The main campus of the Kyoto War College is located in the heart of Kyoto on planet Yamatai were it boasts a large parcel of land and an expansive on campus curriculum for transitioning enlisted and non-commissioned officer personnel into officers and providing advanced leadership training for junior officers that seek a captaincy.

Victory Greenhouse

The Academy had built a massive greenhouse and started growing various fruits and vegetables to help sustain itself and alleviate some of the pressure from the Yamatain farmers until food production went back up. Ketsurui Sora was one of the many student officers that was heavily involved with tending the Victory Greenhouse, she had no real experience with gardening but she was good at researching.

The Victory greenhouse is botany experiment sponsored by Star Army of Yamatai Logisitics geared towards providing the academy with its own food supply and providing some for the local population as well. (3 on campus)

Branch Campuses

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