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Libra - Foxtrot Arm

This page contains details about Arm Foxtrot of Libra Star Fortress.

Foxtrot arm is dedicated to handling civilian traffic. It has some facilities, and agencies not found on the other arms.


The concourse makes up the main centers of the arm. The center contains moving walkways and a carpeted hallway 24 meters across. The walkways are lined with various shops, offices, and restaurants. The central area of the concourse is decorated with flowering plants, and dwarf trees to enhance the area. Running behind the shops is the Zodiac Light Rail System, with stations located every kilometer along the arm's length. At each station a water feature is present with benches. The features are made to resemble natural pools or cascades and Bonsai trees are typically arranged in the feature to add to the ambiance.

Civilian Agencies

Because Foxtrot is dedicated to handling civilian traffic; two civilian agencies work in conjunction with station security:


  • Tansaku-class Science Vessels use the inner bays of the arm to deliver personnel and supplies for facilities on the Star Fortress. Their ships are also serviced here as needed.
  • Other civilian vessels are handled by the outer docks.
  • There is a Autonomous Medical Treatment Center located in the middle, that serves as emergency medical facilities/triage.

Autonomous Medical Treatment Center


Five Warm and Sweet Coffee Shops are located at various point along the concourse.

Five Ramen To Go shops are located at various points along the concourse in YE 34.

Three VCE Cafe were added to the concourse in YE 34.

Two Kagayaki Cosmetics Day Spas were added to the concourse in YE 35.

Four Meat On A Stick located at various points along the concourse in YE 35.

Star Army Barber Shop


These are a few of the recreational establishments on this arm.

  • Shiroi Kinu no Hoteru - White Silk is a hotel originally established to provide accommodations for transitory civilians.
  • Ecstatic Pony is a small bar, known for its heavy use of its Nepleslian brandy and Phodian chef staff. Inside the bar is elaborately carved with female figures and there is a roughly-carved statue of a Kohanian monk. The bartender is a cybernetic male Elysian Caelisolan with heterochromatic eyes and multi-colored hair.
  • Epicenter is a multi-level dance club
  • Kowaku - Seduction
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