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Nakajima Star Fortress

Nakajima Star Fortress, NK-S1-03, was a well-used Iori-Class Star Fortress in the rebuilt Star Army Sixth Fleet. It previously served several years under the First Fleet.

Nakajima Star Fortress


Nakajima Star Fortress was built around YE 251). Its sister stations in the First Fleet were Irim's City (NK-S1-01) and Chiharu no Iori (NK-S1-02).

The YSS Tomoyo was built here in YE 37.

In YE 41, Nakajima Soujiro was assigned to Nakajima Star Fortress as the first officer.

In YE 41, Nakajima Star Fortress was destroyed in the Battle of Hanako's Star, which occurred during the Kuvexian Invasion of YE 41, part of the Kuvexian War.

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