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Nataria Fleet Depot

Located on Planet Nataria in the Nataria System, the Star Army Fleet Depot is a massive, layered complex of underground and above-ground facilities. It was built for the storage, processing and repair of equipment for the Star Army of Yamatai.

On the surface there are facilities for starships, aircraft and shuttle operations. Around this facility are a number of weapon emplacements, and the entire planet is protected by both a large shielding device.

The depot area contains 10 Mass Cloning Facilities and a Personnel Synthesis Facility opened in March YE 37 has an output of 50,000 soldiers per day and typically produce roughly 1.5 million soldiers per month during wartime.


The current first point of contact for the depot is Nitô Hei Yi Hye-Seong, who is the secretary that handles materiel transfer requests.

Yi Hye-Seong


Star Army Logistics Emblem

The Depot was originally built in YE 22. When a starship was decommissioned, its contents generally ended up on Nataria's surface, while the ship itself was left in orbit on minimal or no power. In this way, Nataria had acquired billions of items that were kept around because they might later prove useful, such as space suits, pistols, rations, water containers, generators…the list went on and on. Some items were donated and/or sold to other friendly governments, or recycled. Nataria was one of the central hubs of Star Army Logistics; the other was Hoshi no Iori.

In YE 28, during the First Mishhuvurthyar War the depot was disabled by an attack that destroyed the Star Army Fleet Processing Center1). Following the attack, the planetary portion of the depot took on much more responsibilities.

The Depot was heavily damaged in the First Battle Of Nataria in YE 31 by the NMX and its stores of millions of starships were self-destructed to prevent capture by the enemy. Aries Star Fortress self-destructed as well.

After Nataria was recaptured in YE 33 in the Second Battle of Nataria, work began to repair and reopen the depot. By YE 34, many of the old warehouse facilities were restored and a Star Army Spire, Type 32 was built to serve as the command facility.

In YE 35, a direct Type 32 Rail Train line was built connecting Nataria Fleet Depot with Fort Minori. It has one track for each direction.

YE 37 saw the addition of a Star Army Surplus Store.

In YE 38, a Trinary Star Shipping built a shipping center at the fleet depot. It provides the Star Army of Yamatai with access to its civilian shipping networks.

In YE 41, a Kikyo Pie Company opened on the base, providing pizza delivery services.

Kuvexians attacked Nataria System in 4月 YE 42 in the Third Battle Of Nataria. Millions of invaders attacked the Fleet Depot but the Star Army was able to repel them with only moderate damage to the fleet depot.


Nataria Fleet Depot excels at rapidly creating and equipping large numbers of soldiers, and at long-term storage of used and disused war materiel (such as outdated models of Star Army equipment). It is extensively equipped to store and care for starships, starship components, and starship inventory supplies. Nataria is also where a large portion of Star Army's preserved foods are processed and stored.

Equipment Assets

The depot currently contains the following assets:

Food Stockpile

The Star Army keeps an enormous supply of food in stock. Most of this is preserved to last a long time. The Star Army has its own food processing facility on Nataria that is able to can fresh foods.

  • Enormous quantities of Jerrycan Jugs of Water
  • 499,999,099,898,000,000 Star Army Emergency Ration Pill
  • 16 million tons of carrots
  • Wheat (in kg): 5,000,000 kg
  • 5.125 million tons of potatoes
    • 10 million tons of fresh potatoes (for planting)
  • 5 billion tons of oats
  • Porridge Oats (in kg): 200,000,000 kg
  • 10,000 metric tons of tuna, canned
  • 30 million tons of oats
  • 150 million 1-quart (946 mL) jars of tomato sauce
  • 10 million chickens
  • 600 million 1-pint jars (473 mL) of honey
  • 30 million 1-liter jars of blueberry jelly
  • 5.1 billion tons of rice
  • 100 million tons of wheat flour
  • Dehydrated soups
  • Beef jerky
  • Beverage mixes
  • Butter spread
  • Cheese
  • Dried fruits
    • Peaches, apricots, berries, etc
  • Dried vegetables
  • Hard candy
  • Pickles
  • Tea
  • Canned meats (such as corned beef)
  • Roasted salted nuts

On-Base Food and Drink Options

Options for food and drink on this base.

Tokyo Brewing Company BrewPub

This Star Army Bases has an on-site vetted employee location of the Tokyo Brewing Company. It is a BrewPub location and it's current menu is the Tokyo Brewing Company BrewPub Menu (YE 43). The location opened in YE 43.

Kikyo Pie Company

This Star Army Bases has an on-site vetted employee location of the Kikyo Pie Company. They offer delivery anywhere on base.

Orbital Ship Storage

The Nataria Fleet Depot also includes an accompanying orbital starship storage yard, where unused ships, both new and old, are stored and/or upgraded.


The Nataria Fleet Depot has a train station offering Type 32 Rail Train service to the Nataria Cemetery, the Star Army Museum, and Fort Minori.

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