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Pisces Station

Pisces Station is a Zodiac-Class Star Fortress currently in the Albini System, making it an excellent center of trade between the major nations of Yamatai Star Empire and Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. While the station is officially under the rule of the Star Army of Yamatai, much of the interior has been devoted to civilian commerce.

To promote free trade, the Star Army turns a blind eye to some of the shady dealings going on in Pisces as long as they're non-violent. It has thus become a haven for Nepleslian smugglers, especially the Reds. Star Army Intelligence also maintains a section of the starbase, for its ongoing observation of nearby space.

Pisces Star Fortress


Pisces was formerly the setting a plot in which, before the station's main computer system was installed, a terrorist caused major chaos aboard the station. Taisa Marina Arisa, the commander of the station at the time, was unable to control the situation and was fired by Taisho Kessaku Irim. The situation was further aggravated when large numbers of Taiie and Fifth Expeditionary Fleet refugees were sent to the troubled station. After the station's KAMI computer system was finished, the station was returned to normalcy.

Pisces later hosted the International Relations Conference of YE 30.

In YE 31, Pisces was assigned to the Fifth Standard Fleet to serve as the fleet's home during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.

Upgrades & New Facilities

Agricultural Deck

In a bid to make the Fifth Fleet self-sufficient, increase survivability, and decrease dependence upon Star Army Logistics for food stuffs, Taisho Fujiki Kaori had an extension attached to the bottom of the core section of Pisces. This extension would house the Agricultural Facilities needed to ensure fresh produce, livestock, and other perishables were readily available. The design follows the same characteristics as the Nougaku-Class Agriculture Vessel, with the exception of also adding in a open area for the raising of livestock much like a farm and includes processing facilities too. This ensures that in the very least that the Fifth get the nutrition needed, and with the aspect of fresh produce so readily available is a definite morale booster.

Cloning Facilities

With the ever growing need of additional troops to refresh the rank and file, Mass Cloning Facility, Type 30 were a late addition to Pisces in a bid to get her up to military speed. The facilities are located deep within the core section. From then on if or when troops are created, they are released into the outside world to fill their roles, and from there, develop into their own beings in addition to serving the Empire that created them.

Diplomatic Facilities

Pisces Station boasts luxurious meeting spaces and conference areas for nations to meet in.

Conference Room

The main conference room is currently set up with a giant circular table with 24 seats. Each seat is equipped with:

  • A comfortable leather armchair
  • A holographic projection system with computer interface
  • A microphone and keyboard
  • A holder for a small national flag (the station keeps a supply)
  • A holder for a name plate (the station can make brass name plates at a moment's notice)
  • A holder for a data pad
  • A Coffee mug

The conference room also has a sophisticated holographic system built into the ceiling and huge display screens on the walls around the room. The circular floor area inside the big table is a screen that shows the Star Map centered on Yamatai and going out 40 LY.

For security reasons, there are sophisticated automated scanners outside the room that make it impossible to enter the room carrying a weapon or other harmful device or substance. Star Army soldiers are also stationed at the conference exit.

Description In RP

The delegations for the nations for the third International Relations Conference were going to arrive within the hour. The conference room, near the center of Pisces Station, was round, walled with blue-grey starship paneling that seemed to soak up the white, natural lighting beamed down from black-rimmed lights in the ceiling. The thickly carpeted floor also was a Star Army blue-grey, cascading down the sloping circle outside the wooden floor that contained the main table.

That table was about 15 meters in diameter, built of dark-stained, smoothed oak free of knots and blemishes, and contained terminals and projectors for the delegates and their staff. A beverage dispenser was set behind each “area,” with simple glass cups to catch one of the many liquids the dispenser could produce from a drip-spout. Each area also had projected above it a kind of electric-blue placeholder for each delegation.

A larger volumetric projector was at the center of the table, set into the massive, globe-like post that was between the table and the curling, reaching arms that gave the table balance.

The chairs were black, cushioned and very adjustable.

No banners. No streamers. No decorations of any sort were found anywhere on the station, outside of volumetric panels informing people where to go and providing information.

Diplomatic Suites

These suites have been set up for the visiting diplomats. They are very comfortable and spacious.

SSS Campus and Offices

A recent addition to Pisces, the Fifth Fleet graciously offered space aboard the station to the Scientific Studies Service. Currently they have a Medium Sized Campus and a Liason Office. The arrangement thus far has proven to be rather beneficial to both parties.

Bars and Restaurants

Burnt Bean

The Burnt Bean was not the only establishment on the recreational area of the station to spend a quiet, unhindered evening. However, the Bean was well known for its refreshing, delicious blends which made a very popular establishment.

If one was looking for a little privacy to drink a delicious, well-prepared coffee, then one could look no more than Feldstar Coffee. Feldstar had a good reputation for their own, experimental brews that used various spicings of caramel and honey. Their well-known Tortoise Vente was a particularly favorite blend of coffee drinking sweet-tooths, making use of a strong espresso, a modest application of caramel, sprinklings of dark chocolate, a special whole cream, and several tiny marshmellows to float in the head of the hot drink.

Though, not everyone went to Feldstars for just the coffee. The establishment had a reputation for being secluded, dark, and relaxing. Incense burners sit on every table, replaced every other hours, side-lined by home-made candles. The chairs were very simply, but well-cushioned. Most of the furniture was plush, and darkly colored to fit with the mood. To order, all one needed to do was to light a candle on their table, or beside their chair, and a barrista would quickly come forth to answer the call. To maintain this dark, sun-down atmosphere, the owners covered up most of their wide entrance and gave it a single, ornate, wooden door, and use just enough light so that patrons can read their menus.

Hishabushi's Bar and Grill

If coffee wasn't what the brain needed, there was always Hishabushi's Bar and Grill. Hishabushi's was known for their unique style in construction, in respect to the station's history of hosting a wide-range of species. People walked in on the second floor, the Taste of Kyoto, where they'd be introduced to the simply restaurant atmosphere of a traditional Yamataian eatery. Everything is very modest, and casual, no outstanding decorations. People sit, they order, and then they eat good food for a somewhat reasonable price.

Little Funky City

Further up and down, is where one would encounter a place of relaxation, or one of Nepleslian relaxation. The first floor, or the basement as some call it, houses the down-and-dirty bar, known as Little Funky City. Some of the strongest, and most outrageous of Nepleslian imports are housed on their solid metal racks along with almost every beer and alcohol one can imagine. Its bartender, a boisterous, busty, and loud woman, boasts the most homey bar in all the galaxy. The place itself is largely a picture of the iconic Nepleslian bar. Wooden tables reinforced by steel line the walls with solid metal chairs, cushioned with plush material. Neon lights line the wall, and where there isn't a light, there's a T.V. showing off a sports event going on somewhere in the galaxy.

The Slice of Heaven

The Third floor, on the other hand, otherwise known as just 'the Attic' to some, has a more relaxed atmosphere. One climbing the stairs would quickly find themselves in amazing array of gothic architecture and finely crafted furniture. The Slice of Heaven, as it is named, was well known for its selection of choice wines and sake. The publican of the wine tavern was an Elysian man with little tolerance for those who didn't act with dignity. Thanks to that sort of attitude, the Slice of Heaven kept a reputation for being a sterling establishment where you had quiet conversation, and admired the high-quality art placed upon the walls, which would change every week.

Hot Springs

Shopping establishments on the Pisces Station were wide in their variety. Being such a popular place, and that of a central meeting place for many nations, there were too many kinds to count. A person with enough money, and access to the station's public database would be able to find anything their heart desired. Except tobacco.

Otherwise, all someone had to do was find a Public Information terminal and ask it for whatever they wanted. Then, when an option was selected, they would be easily be guided by volumetric designators, and be lead rather promptly to their destination.

Though, if one was looking for an onsen, for a true place to relax, one should look no further than the Easterwood Hot-Springs. The steamy sauna and bath is renowned for some of the best service in the galaxy. Tired and exhausted scientists and military personnel often find themselves dragging their feet there, only to be primly stepping out after finishing their business. The rejuvenating effects are mostly due to the carefully measured and treated water, and the alluring scents put in the air.

Due to being so popular, the Easterwood facilities are large, and encompass a wide area with several small private baths, to the immense, and well-known public bath. Each bath is individually decorated, but all bear a semblance to the bathhouses on Yamatai. The surroundings are relatively green, and surrounded by stones, with the air filled with steam rising to a ceiling simulating a Yamataian sky.

When one walks in, they can expected to be greeted by a lithe Nekovalkyrja hostess, firmly expectant to hear every picky need of her customers. Typically, those who wish to use the public bath can walk right on in, though behavior is particularly restricted. People are asked to keep their towels until they reach the edge of the pool, and are expected to act with grace in the presence of others. Splashing is not allowed, and the Nekos tending to the patrons will ask a person to leave if they're too much trouble.

The private bathes, on the other hand, are for the pure pleasure of any guest in the Easterwood facilities. Each bath is generally widely spaced to give the sensation of walking into a fairly big bath that could suit fourteen people very comfortably. Patrons can expect to be to have at least three attendants per private bath, though privacy can be requested. Other requests can include things like alcohol, and the chance of having certain lustful scents pumped into the air rather than the standard.

What happens in the private baths is the business of the patron, but one is expected not to damage any Easterwood Hot-Spring property.


There are more stores on Pisces than on other Star Fortresses, owing to the station's international tastes.


Find it, love it, live it.

Type: Super-Market

Ad: Shigusa's is known for its ability to provide a wide array of grocery and retail items to the general populace. No matter what you're looking for, should it be for the rigors of every-day life, Shigusa's should have it!

Dizzy's Secret

Glue their eyes to where it counts.

Type: Lingerie and Clothing Store

Ad: There's always a nagging disadvantage when we're all so beautiful. Ladies, when you're on that date with that particular guy, or gal, do their eyes drift elsewhere on someone other than you? Well, at Dizzy's Secret, we've got the answer in the forms of brand-name and designer clothing that will make you the distraction.

The Bamboo Rack

Cool, comfortable, classy.

Type: Clothing Store

Ad: Out on those distant worlds and space stations, on tour of duty or vacation? Do you miss those distinct, Yamataian fashions that are enriched by years of history and tradition? From old fashioned to modern fashioned, the Bamboo Rack has every clothing need of the distinct Yamataian citizen, and even a few Malifarian and Raltean styles as well!

Headsman's Alley

Cut right through that melon.

Type: Blade Emporium

Ad: One day, I was walking down the street, and all of a sudden a Mishhu came at me! I was unarmed, but luckily the KMP got'em before it got me! We've all been there before, right? In this day and age, the NMX and their tentacles could be anywhere. Guns won't do diddly at against something that writhes, wiggles, and skitters! You need a true weapon! A blade! Come on down to Headsman's Alley and find your tried and true solution to self-defense!

Docking Arms

Pisces has six arms, used for various purposes:

  • Concourse A is used for Star Army of Yamatai ships which are visiting the station.
  • Concourse B is used for Star Army Logistics ships transporting and storing materials from Nataria System.
  • Concourse C is used for the garrison of Star Army warships attached to the station.
  • Concourse D is used for various civilian starships carrying cargo and freight
  • Concourse E is used for Elysian ships and miscellaneous diplomats
  • Concourse F is used for traffic between Nepleslia and the Nepleslian colonies in the Nepleslian Colonial Expanse

Each arm contains two concourse levels (upper and lower) with 20 docking stations on each side of each and one dock at the end (usually for the largest ships) for a total of 42 docking stations per arm and 252 per star fortress. Docking stations are evenly spaced at 250m intervals.

Concourse A

Concourse A is typically used by the Fifth Fleet to dock their ships when not on patrol, or active duty.

Concourse B

Ships docked on Concourse B are used for Star Army Logistics ships transporting and storing materials from Nataria System.

Concourse C

Ships docked on Concourse C are the station's defensive garrison. They include:

Concourse D

Ships currently docked on the infamous Concourse D include:

  1. SS Ambition - Moving/selling stolen drugs
  2. Empty
  3. SS Eyesore - Meat Product Transport
  4. SS Big Pimpin - picking up some girls to ship to Nepleslia
  5. Empty
  6. Empty
  7. Empty
  8. Empty
  9. Empty
  10. 'Long Haul' a Mersina class transport.

Concourse E

Ships currently docked on Concourse E include

  1. None

Concourse F

In YE 38, Concourse F was designated for civilian shipping services. It is now mostly used by Trinary Star Shipping.


Pisces is part of the PAINT mass transportation system and has a terminal operated by the Star Army of Yamatai. It has a flight to Amatsu-Yamatai, Planet Yamatai every two hours.

Crew Roster


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