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Rikugun Base Fujiko

Established in YE 44, Rikugun Base Fujiko (RB Fujiko) was created as part of Rikugun Reforms and Base Realignment YE 42 and Rikugun Reforms and Base Realignment YE 45 to spread out the Star Army Rikugun across the Yamatai Star Empire. The base is presently commanded by Shôshô Shimura Grace.


After long delays, RB Fujiko commenced construction on the northern continent of Kanpuu on Fujiko IV early YE 44 after the site was surveyed by a Kurita Survey Program team. Construction was completed in YE 44.6, just in time for it to be visited by Mizumitsu Benji to act as a center of coordination for the 1st Expeditionary Area Army's mission during Operation Fireplace 1).

Description of Rikugun Base Fujiko

The foundation of RB Fujiko (as with all Rikugun Bases) consists of Type 30 City Block giving a radius of 3 kilometers. At the center of the base is the Rikugun Spire and its wide anchoring structure. Surrounding 2/3rds of the main cantonment is the bases' starport, complete with hanger and repair bays that extend from the anchoring structure. The spire, anchoring structure, and shielded area of the base is considered the main cantonment.

Within the anchoring structure, the following can be found:

In the 1/3rd of the base that is not the starport, the following are found:

  • Parade Field
  • School buildings
  • Admin buildings
  • High-Speed Rail Terminal

Currently due to the lack of a Rikugun Spire being developed and the base requires protection from the planet's atmosphere, 4 Ke-P3-3A Control towers are found, propped up to the same height of the future spires.

As the terrain is a tundra with deep permafrost, RB Fujiko city blocks are designed to remain cool to prevent thawing. To gather water, the outer blocks drill deep and away from the base to draw meltwater into all of the blocks.

Training Facilities

RB Fujiko accommodates local Rikugun courses designed to enhance the readiness of stationed units and the Star Army of Yamatai as a whole. RB Fujiko has an extensive training area located outside of the main cantonment consisting of a mountainous region with extensive tundra plains.

Recreational Facilities

Like most Rikugun Bases, RB Fujiko is not attached to a civilian town, but one is accessible by high speed rail a hour away. Thus servicemembers must be supported with conveniences for morale. The following are found within the main cantonment.

Stationed Units

RB Fujiko is home to the following units:

Outside of Rikugun Bases

Located on a largely frozen continent, RB Fujiko is not blessed with amenities such as artificial lakes, parks, etc. But Excursions and hiking routes have been created within and around the training areas when not in use.

RB Fujiko is also connected to a Nepleslian Reds town by the name of “Sunny and Cheerful Palms” (when translated into Trade from Lianjia language) by high speed rail. Ever since RB Fujiko commence construction, a wide range of businesses (both legit and not so legit) started to spring up within the town.

Some notable establishments with various levels of warnings from Base Command are:

  • Cloud 7 (Motel and Sensory Pleasure Center)
  • Big Moe's Guns and Ammo
  • Sunny Palms Resort and Casino
  • Ito and Sons Pub (Linked to a suspected Yakuza militia)
  • O's Tattoo Parlor
  • Used hoverbike dealerships
  • White Queen Surplus Store
  • New Dawn Credit Union

Planetary Defense Grid

With the lack of attention the planet received due to the Nepleslian Reds, Fujiko does not have a well defined planetary defense grid. The Reds are expected to fulfill this role against any attacks on their “territory”.

Ground Grid

The ground-based defense grid consists of the following sections.

  1. Main Grid

Orbital Grid

There is no real orbital grid at this time.


RB Fujiko has a built in starport that is connected to the PAINT. RB Fujiko is also connected by rail to the town of Cheerful Palms which is supplied by a hovercraft port and a very small starport.


Depending on the local security requirements and the base's commander, people found within Rikugun Bases are exclusively Star Army Rikugun personnel. Commanders have the discretion to allow civilians some access to parts of their bases, usually family members of servicemembers, veterans seeking services (medical care normally), or those seeing a museum/static display of equipment.

RP Opportunities

  • Train in the Star Army Reserve one weekend a month.
  • A Star Army of Yamatai soldier drilling.
  • A stararmy member wishing to explore the frozen terrain and breathe air as if they were 50 meters underwater. Just be sure to be decompressed if not using environmental protection before re-entering the base.

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