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Spirit City

Spirit City, NK-S4-02, is an Iori-Class Star Fortress, and serves as a base of operation for Fourth Standard Fleet. It was stationed in the Talori system in YE 32. It is commanded by Chujo Svavarr Lytingson.

Spirit City


Wambui Adaeze Babatunde is the contact for Spirit City.


Spirit City was once part of the First Expeditionary Fleet (circa YE 26/YE 27 until at least YE 29), where it was known as Spirit Star Fortress (NK-X1-05). Its sister stations were Ketsurui Star Fortress (NK-X1-01), Ghost Star Fortress (NK-X1-02), Shadow Star Fortress (NK-X1-03), and Image Star Fortress (NK-X1-04). It served in the 1XF's 5th Division under Chujo Shinobu Megumi and performed functions for Star Army Intelligence.


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