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Star Army Armory (Imperial District)

The Star Army operates many armories. The Imperial District Armory is unique for its location, services, and structure.


Opened in YE 25, it has served as a central armory for security forces stationed in the Imperial District. It is run by Katchu Shi who has run it since it opened. During the Battle of Yamatai, it was completely emptied to defend the city from the NMX.


The building is heavily armored and mostly underground. A large retractable dome of triangular transparent Zesuanium covers a shooting range where shots of over 300 meters are possible to be fired. It has stands so that military technology can be demonstrated to an audience, typically senators and other high-ranking individuals. Inside, there are 73 smaller ranges that cater to specific training needs of both the law enforcement and military. On the ground floor, the main armory is right next to the simi-outdoor range. It has two sides, one for routine weapons transactions and one for ones that are not routine. Behind both desks, there are rows upon rows of weapons ranging from a simple staff all the way to the latest in high-tech powered armor weaponry. They are not limited to weapons produced by Yamatai, as Katchu is aggressive about procuring weapons from outside the empire as well. There are also frequently testing variants that didn't make it into production.

This is where many people come to help with outfitting their armor and weapons before deployment. Odd or strange situations dealing with weapons and armor are often sent here as well.

Due to the relatively large number of high ranking officials who come here, it is significantly nicer looking in appearance than a standard armory. The floor is made of marble and a large mural of Star Army soldiers is on the ceiling. Above the main entrance, there is a carving in Yamataian that reads, “Those who wish for peace, must first come to me.”


The desks are manned by Star Army personnel. Some critical personnel, such as Katchu Shi, the Chief Armoror; and the range medic, live in the barracks above the armory.


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RP Opportunities

Here is a great location for people to come to get fitted for their first set of armor or get kitted out. There will be a dedicated thread for roleplaying at this location.

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  • Rumor is that this is where the Empress keeps her Mindy.

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