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Taurus Star Fortress

Taurus Star Fortress, NK-S4-004, is a Zodiac-Class Star Fortress built at Bard Cluster (Tsuyosa) by the Katsuko no Iori by Ketsurui Fleet Yards in YE 33 for the Star Army of Yamatai's Fourth Standard Fleet. It is stationed in Tsuyosa and is assuming the responsibilities of Katsuko no Iori.

Taurus Star Fortress


Taurus is the tenth Zodiac-Class Star Fortress built and was created under the order of Shinja Rika-Taisho as a upgrade/replacement to the exiting headquarters.


Taurus has been painted Star Army of Yamatai blue, with the Star Army Hinomaru emblazoned on the top of the core just like Libra Star Fortress. Each of the radial arms has the station name on the top, and the arm designation on the end the arm. Beneath the designation the Aether Shock Arrays can be seen.


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