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Virgo Star Fortress

Virgo Star Fortress is a Zodiac-Class Star Fortress of the Star Army of Yamatai positioned in the Samurai Sector. Its key location and facilities have resulted in its indirect involvement in a large number of major battles and supporting notable starships.


Hedvig Mueller is the point-of-contact for Virgo Star Fortress as of YE 41.


Virgo Star Fortress was built at Hoshi no Iori in YE 29 (OOC: January 8, 2007 1)). It was described as “A new Scorpio-class Star Fortress to be positioned in the Samurai Sector to serve as the center of a colonization effort in the southern frontier.” It was ordered at the same time as its sister stations Pisces Station, Aries Star Fortress, Sagittarius Star Fortress, and Cancer Star Fortress.

In YE 28, during the First Mishhuvurthyar War when the Nataria Fleet Depot was disabled due to the Mishhuvurthyar attacks, requests from ships such as the YSS Miharu were redirected to Virgo Star Fortress2).

Virgo Star Fortress was made the headquarters of the First Expeditionary Fleet after the evacuation of Gemini Star Fortress and Hanako's World3).

The YSS Sakura went to Virgo Star Fortress for repairs4)5) and later departed laden with extra supplies6).

After the Sakura's destruction, its replacement, the YSS Plumeria, first of her class, was stationed at Virgo Star Fortress7)8).

In YE 30 (OOC: 2008), the 11th Squadron, including Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship YSS Aegle9), YSS Hesperia10), YSS Erytheia11), and YSS Asterope12), conducted operations out of Virgo and was assigned to bring Taisho Hokusai Akiyo of the newly-created Ninth Fleet to the shipyards at Sbuhfaba13).

In YE 31 (OOC: 2009), the YSS Succubus and YSS Ouroboros (7th Squadron of the First Expeditionary Fleet's Strategic Strike Pool) conducted training with the YSS Aeon14). These ships later departed Virgo Star Fortress and regrouped with the YSS Aeon at Virginia15) to assist the YSS Eucharis at Elysia Novus. See: Battle of Elysia. Also the YSS Miharu planned to reach Virgo for repairs16). During this time the station's security director was Chusa Lang Xin17). Earlier that year Virgo was mentioned in a news article discussing reassignment of star fortresses18).

Circa YE 33, Aikawa Kiyoshi was trained as a pilot at Virgo Star Fortress prior to transferring to the YSS Hokorimasu19).

In YE 37, Virgo was transferred from First Expeditionary Fleet to Eighth Fleet20).

In YE 39 (OOC: 2017), Virgo repaired Irim-class Gunships for Task Force 021). The YSS Aeon was stationed at Virgo during part of YE 3922).


Virgo Star Fortress is currently positioned in the Samurai Sector.



Virgo can be reached by Star Army starship or by Star Army shuttles.


OOC Notes

This article was written by Wes.

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