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Ke-P1-10a - Power Station

This Collapsible Rapid Deployment Module has all the standard features. It was developed for the Star Army of Yamatai as part of the Type 33 Prefab Outpost Modules. It became available in YE 33.

Power Station

About the Ke-P1-10

The needs of an outpost can be considerable depending on the equipment. For this reason the Ke-P1-10 Power Station was developed. Visually it is recognizable by the nuclear symbol on the side and the four radiator fins which are added to the top. The fins are used to help dissipate waste heat from the cooling system.


Organization Using This item: Star Army of Yamatai Type: Defense Nomenclature: Ke-P1-10 Designers: Ketsurui Zaibatsu Research and Development teams, Star Army of Yamatai Manufacturers: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Entered service: YE 33

Power Station


The left side of the module is dominated by a KFY fusion reactor, and two generators.

Power Distribution

The right side is where the power is distributed to the outpost. There are two panels that have breakers, switches. A display is present for monitoring and controlling.

A control console is present from the power techs oversee the reactor operation, and the power grid. There are also two cabinets where diagnostic equipment and spare parts are kept.

A single power station can supply power for up to 40 modules. Also any surplus power from Collapsible Rapid Deployment Module installed in the Outpost can be used to bolster the grid.

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