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H Bunker

The “H-Bunker” (named for Empress Himiko) is a type of underground supply cache distributed throughout planets of the Yamatai Star Empire. In YE 31, before the start of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, the Empress ordered that thousands of hidden stockpiles be built throughout the empire. The reasoning behind these caches was that in the event of a Mishhuvurthyar invasion, Yamataian citizens would be able to find the bunkers and use them to support resistance movements.

The bunkers are fairly well hidden. Each has a single, camouflaged entrance with a tunnel leading down diagonally. Most are approximately 5 to 20 meters underground and are covered in Zesuaium armor plates salvaged from old warships. They are built out of stone blocks or concrete.


Each bunker contains:

Depending on their position and size, some bunkers may also contain:

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