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Star Army Characters

This is the hub for identifying, listing, and finding the many characters in the Star Army. The Star Army of Yamatai is made of a vast number of player and non-player characters who fulfill every imaginable role from fleet admiral to basic grunt, each important in their own way.

There are multiple ways to find Star Army of Yamatai characters. The main way is to use the list below. All character pages flagged as active duty or reserve members of the Star Army of Yamatai. Fields are searchable. To update the information in this section, edit the structured data fields on the individual character pages. You can also see lists of characters by rank or occupations on their respective pages.

Active Duty

#PageSAOY RankSAOY OccupationSAOY Assignment
1Aaron BoxleySantô HeiStar Army JournalistKyoto
2Aayliah FurvenIttô JuniStar Army InfantryYSS Shinsugo
3Abart'huse TheisilisNitô HeishoStar Army InfantryYSS Kaiyō II
4Adelphress SvenghouliSantô HeiStar Army Science OfficerYSS Imperator
5Aendri Shasos'SholNitô HeishoStar Army InfantryYSS Hokorimasu
6Aera MarenJôtô HeiStar Army ClerkTaurus Star Fortress
7Aerlia Lei'ShelaShosaIntelligence OperativeYSS Wyvern
8Aesa ArashiIttô HeiStar Army Information TechnologyBlack Sands Test Range
9Agrippina RossaNitô HeiStar Army Cook
10Ahn Ha-neulIttô HeiStar Army Cargo and SupplyCentral Fleet Depot
11Aidan BuchananSantô HeiIntelligence Operative
12Aika KakoSantô HeiStar Army Soldier
13Aikawa KiyoshiNitô HeiStar Army PilotTenth Fleet
14Aisupetaru KurisutaruChuiStar Army MedicalYSS Artemis
15Aka AkiSantô HeiStar Army Medical
16Akamaru DatenshiNitô HeishoStar Army Combat Vehicle OperatorYSS Mazu
17Akamaru ReikoIttô HeishoStar Army PilotYSS Mazu
18Akane SiskoSantô HeiStar Army PilotYSS Artemis
19Akechi KirikoNitô JuniIntelligence OperativeDeployment Tanuki
20Akechi MinoruSantô HeiStar Army Medical22nd Squadron - Warrior Emeralds
21Akechi Shika (あけち しか)Shoi KohoseiStar Army Starship OperationsYSS Eucharis
22Akimoto MichikoSantô HeiStar Army Medical
23Akira SasakiSantô HeiStar Army InfantryYSS Yugumo
24Akitoku YuaSantô HeiStar Army InfantryYSS Hokorimasu
25Akuma KageSantô HeiStar Army InfantryYSS Komainu
26Alastair BelmontTaiiStar Army First Officeryss_koun
27Alec WyrickSantô HeiStar Army Pilot21st Squadron - Fighting Diamonds
28Aleksandra VoloshynSantô HeiStar Army RangerYSS Shiroyama
29Alexander MathewsSantô HeiStar Army Infantry
30Alexandr FederovichStar Army InfantryYSS Wakaba
31Alfonzo DiligenzaSantô HeiIntelligence Operative
32Alfred BuscemaSantô HeiStar Army TechnicianYSS Kanagawa
33Alfsigr UehashiSantô HeiStar Army Soldier21st Squadron - Fighting Diamonds
34Aliset SorenSantô JuniStar Army PilotYSS Tokyo
35Alva LenasdottirSantô HeiStar Army Technician
36Alyx EunecteShosaStar Army RangerYSS Mazu
37Amara HazzelShoiStar Army Starship OperationsGhost Star Fortress
38Amaterasu AkiJôtô HeiStar Army Information TechnologyYSS Takamagahara
39Amaterasu EmiShoi KohoseiStar Army InfantryYSS Takamagahara
40Amatsukaze NoaSantô HeiStar Army Information TechnologyHanako Shall Resist
41Ambriel CinnaShôshôStar Army Starship CaptainYSS Anoiktos
42Amethyst FirebirdShoiStar Army Starship OperationsYSS Firebird
43Anderson, TomasNitô HeiStar Army CookYSS Integrity
44Angela HitomoSantô HeiIntelligence OperativeYSS Genei
45AnneJôtô HeiStar Army Medical21st Squadron - Fighting Diamonds
46Aoba AkasaNitô HeiStar Army InfantryYSS Battle Of Yamatai
47Aoba KuranosukeTaiiStar Army Starship Captain
48Aoi SiskoSantô HeiStar Army PilotYSS Artemis
49Aoki KyujiSantô HeiStar Army Infantry
50Aoki OrieIttô HeiStar Army TechnicianPisces Station
51April JacksonIttô HeishoStar Army InfantryFifth Standard Fleet
52Aradia SivinsJôtô HeiStar Army Science OfficerYSS Kanagawa
53Arai SakiJôtô HeiStar Army InfantryYSS Aeon
54Arai YuuSantô HeiStar Army Medical
55Araquiel "Samandriel" ZarallSantô HeiStar Army SoldierYSS Wakaba
56Arashi YoshiJôtô HeiStar Army Pilot21st Squadron - Fighting Diamonds
57Arcturus SargasNitô HeiStar Army Pilot
58Arete SurinusSantô HeiStar Army TechnicianYSS Aeon
59Arfelios ReolSantô HeiStar Army TechnicianFort Minori
60Argenta SerketSantô HeiStar Army Combat Engineer
61Arinori EmiyuShoi KohoseiStar Army Starship OperationsYSS Integrity
62Armin SargasNitô HeiStar Army Pilot
63Armundo SoichiroNitô HeiStar Army MedicalYSS Battle Of Yamatai
64Arria SmithShoi KohoseiStar Army Starship OperationsYSS Eucharis
65Asahina SayumiSantô HeiStar Army Infantry
66Asakaki, RagnhildrShosaStar Army Starship CaptainYSS Korifumi
67Asher ChambersSantô HeiStar Army Technician
68Asleif BelemtalShosaStar Army RangerYSS Artemis
69Asrid Naoto ThorssonShoiStar Army Starship OperationsYSS Hana
70Astridr JokichiShôshôStar Army Command StaffStar Army Operations
71Astridr ShigefumiSantô HeiStar Army SoldierYSS Eucharis
72AtikaSantô HeiStar Army Information TechnologyYSS Shinsugo
73Auda ChibaTaiiStar Army First OfficerYSS Aeon II
74Auda SakuraiJôtô HeiStar Army CaretakerYSS Wakaba
75AurélieSantô HeiStar Army PilotYSS Ryūjō
76Avaldamon ThulesiusSantô HeiStar Army TechnicianPisces Station
77AyakaIttô HeiStar Army ClerkYSS Heitan
78Ayane AkagawaJôtô HeiStar Army Starship OperationsYSS Imperator
79Azai KaedeJôtô HeiStar Army Cargo and SupplyYSS Wakaba
80Baek SeonJiJôtô HeiStar Army InfantryYSS Heartbreaker
81Benedetto Aurelio SeverinoSantô HeiStar Army Medical
82Beryl LeytonIttô HeiStar Army Cargo and Supply
83Bia GeromakhaiNitô HeiStar Army InfantryFifth Standard Fleet
84Bjarnison SigurdSantô HeiStar Army Science Officer
85Bjorn OkimotoSantô HeiStar Army Infantry
86Blanche TepesJôtô HeiKetsurui no Iori
87Blesi IngridJôtô HeiStar Army Science OfficerYSS Heartbreaker
88Blues Arnoul / Catharsis BlackChuiStar Army Starship OperationsYSS Mazu
89Boel CavikJôtô HeishoStar Army CookYSS Shinsugo
90Brandon StarksSantô HeiStar Army MedicalSquad 13
91Brax, ZanvenSantô HeiStar Army PilotYSS Imperator
92Brayja UsakiSantô HeiStar Army Medical
93Brian P. JacksonSantô HeiStar Army Infantry
94Brice KettleIttô Hei
95Bryanna AmanoNitô HeiStar Army CookYSS Kanagawa
96Brynja 'Siv' SigmundötyrSantô JuniStar Army TechnicianTask Force Lantern
97Cailey VasiliaSantô HeiStar Army Technician
98CassieIttô HeiStar Army SoldierYSS Resurgence
99Cheilith UnkniftoSantô HeiStar Army InfantryYSS Resurgence
100Chlorate (Kaiyo II)ShoiStar Army CaretakerYSS Kaiyō II


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