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Emergency Soul Savior System

Designed by Kage Yaichiro in YE 30, the Emergency Soul Savior System is a way for small craft to transmit a pilot's neural data securely to a remote server in an emergency situation. It is produced by Ketsurui Fleet Yards, the Yugumo Corporation, and subsidiaries for the exclusive use of the Star Army of Yamatai.

Designer: Kage Yaichiro
Nomenclature: None, exists as a feature in other components
Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Formerly Motoyoshi Fleet Yards Yugumo Corporation and subsidiaries
Fielded by: Star Army of Yamatai


First employed on the Star Army Escape Pod, Type 30 designed by Kage Yaichiro in YE 30, the Emergency Soul Savior (ESS) System has a long history in Star Army Escape Pods and some Power Armor. It was initially made by Ketsurui Fleet Yards and Motoyoshi Fleet Yards, but the latter eventually lost the license to use the technology. It was updated to be compliant with Type 33 Star Army Communications Network Encryption System starting in YE 33 to further improve its security. As of YE 41, it includes compatibility with the Star Army Standard Communications Array and it continues to see use and was recently made available to the Yugumo Corporation for production.

Function and Design

The ESS System is different from other applications of Soul Transfer technology in that it is meant to work as a last resort rather than as an emergency measure. It allows Escape Pods, Power Armor, Mecha, or other small equipment equipped with it to use built-in neural scanning or interface equipment to make a Soul Transfer Backup. This is usually done while the person is in stasis if possible. Due to the sensitive data being transmitted, the system will briefly increase power and send the data at the maximum level of encryption.

The system then tries to initiate contact with PANTHEON through an encrypted link which was Type 33 Star Army Communications Network Encryption System-compatible starting in YE 33. If it manages to achieve a link, it sends telemetry and a distress call as well as the ST data. This data is stored in a database, known as an ESS Database, which is highly protected and can only be read from by those of high rank and specifically set PANTHEON access levels. Should the equipment and personnel be in an area too dangerous to be recovered or be discovered by enemies, it can be remotely destroyed and the personnel resurrected with all memories to the time they were backed up.

The Soul Transfer data in the ESS Database can then be used to revive the person with a Type 30 Mental Transfer and Backup Unit. It is common to use the data to append to an existing backup if possible, to minimize the impact of any tampering no matter how unlikely.


The appearance and parts used vary widely in part because the ESS System is a feature of assorted systems rather than a specific stand-alone component of its own. It is a functionality integrated into a system's neural sensors, neural interfaces, computers, and communications system. For this reason, it also does not have its own unique nomenclature.


This Mass Production product is not for sale, and exists solely for use by the Star Army of Yamatai as a restricted technology. Products which contain this technology are to be legally required to be returned to the Star Army.

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