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Star Army Enlistment Contract

The Star Army Enlistment Contract is a document that a person must agree to in order to become part of the Star Army of Yamatai. Without signing the contract, soldiers do not have access to Benefits of Serving the Star Army and cannot serve in the Star Army. By mid YE 31, all Star Army soldiers had either signed the contract or had been discharged.

Star Army Cap, Type 32

Eligibility requirements are listed on this page: Star Army Recruiting

Key Items

The following are key items covered in the contract:

  • Soldiers swear fidelity to the Star Army of Yamatai and to hold no organization higher than it.
  • Soldiers agree to follow the laws, regulations, and orders of the Star Army of Yamatai.
  • Soldiers agree to follow the Star Army Creed
  • Soldiers agree to faithfully keep Yamatai's military secrets, including after leaving the Star Army.
  • Soldiers agree to serve for a period of 3 years or more, after which they have the option to reenlist.
  • After 3 years, soldiers have the options to resign or reenlist.
  • After 15 years, soldiers have the option to retire (See Benefits of Serving the Star Army for info).
  • Soldiers are advised that desertion warrants the death penalty.
  • Soldiers agree to return military-issued equipment at the time of discharge, including bodies if applicable (civilian replacements are provided).

Sworn Oath

I, [Character Name], have truthfully, honorably, and voluntarily enlisted myself as a soldier in the Star Army of Yamatai for the full length of my commitment. I vow to protect the peoples of Yamatai, to follow the orders of the Empress and the officers appointed over me, to live by the Star Army Creed, to obey Star Army rules and regulations, and to destroy the enemies of Yamatai.

Buyout Option

The Star Army of Yamatai understands that life circumstances may change and soldiers may have to leave the military, so it provides a way out of the contract. In the event a soldier needs to escape the contract, she can do so provided she can meet all of the following requirements.

  1. Obtain permission from her unit commander or ship captain
  2. Obtain permission from Star Army Personnel (granted by default unless there is some outstanding reason)
    1. It is harder to get permission during wars for obvious reasons
  3. Pay off her remaining contract years
    1. Payment required is equal to remaining contract years, rounded up, times current annual base salary
    2. Payment must be paid in full at the time of leaving the military.
    3. In extenuating circumstances the payment can be reduced or waived by the commander of the Star Army of Yamatai.

See: Star Army Discharge

Star Army Forms
Form NumberSA Form 211

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