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Ke-J1-E3100 - Autonomous Triage Unit (ATU)

The Autonomous Triage Unit (ATU) is part of the Autonomous Medical Treatment Center (AMTC) and became available in YE 31.

About the ATU

The ATU is capable of making rapid, accurate, patient condition assessments. As part of the triage process the ATU also prepares the patient removing clothing (if necessary), cleaning wounds etc. It then instructs the Autonomous Nurse Unit to transfer the patient to the appropriate medical unit.


The ATU was developed as part of the AMTC as the starting point for patient care.

Using the ATU

The ATU activates when a patient is placed on the Detachable Patient Platform. It automatically engages the Containment Force Fields to protect the patient from infection and to keep the patient from spreading possible infection. If the patient is conscious the ATU begins diagnosis by questioning the patient. If the patient is unconscious it will query the person who brought the patient to it, or follow the auto-diagnostic routine developed by Yamatai medical personnel.

Statistical Data


Organization Using This item: Star Army of Yamatai, Yamatai government agencies, and Civilians Type: Medical Center Nomenclature: Ke-J1-E3100 Designers: Ketsurui Zaibatsu Research and Development teams, Jalen Sune Manufacturers: Ketsurui Zaibatsu, Star Army of Yamatai Date entered service: YE 31

Supported species

Currently the ATU is capable of providing medical diagnostic care to the following species:


  • 1 Patient


Length: 2.44 meters ( 8 feet) Width: 1.22 meters ( 4 feet) Height: 2.44 meters (8 feet)


The ATU has the following components:

  • Computer Program Module programmed with the current medical knowledge to diagnose a patients condition using state of the art diagnostic equipment, and make a treatment determination. The programming is updatable by trained technicians.

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