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Star Army - Covert Directional Listening Device - SA-CDLD-2

The SA-CDLD-2 is designed to fit onto the inside of the Nekovalkyrja ear. It basically transforms the entire ear into a parabolic listening device. The device is mostly transparent and can be blended to match most Nekovalkyrja ear colors. Nekovalkyrja holographic ability can also be used to conceal the device as well. Became available for Star Army Intelligence personnel in YE 30.

About the SA-CDLD-2

Note: The SA-CDLD are not available outside of Star Army Intelligence.

Organization Using This item: Star Army of Yamatai Type: Reconnaissance Nomenclature: SA-CDLD-2 Designers: Ketsurui Zaibatsu Research and Development teams, Star Army Research Administration. Manufacturers: Ketsurui Zaibatsu, Star Army of Yamatai

CDLD-2 Specifications

  • They can be used by only NH-29.
  • Operates for 18 hours on a charge.
  • Audio pick up allows clear listening to conversations at 300 meters.
  • Audio has autoleveling to prevent user from being subjected to unexpected loud noises.

CDLD-2 Operation

When inserted into the ear and activated the nanobots in the CDLD-2 automatically:

  • Extends audio module into the external auditory canal and adjusts for a proper fit.
  • Auto equalizes air pressure in the ear canal to match external pressure by opening and closing microtubals.

Activation/Deactivation is by pressing a micro-switch.

CDLD Auto Destruct

Pressing the on/off switch 6 times in rapid succession triggers the destruct. The nanobots break down the CDLD into an simple organic comound.

Warning: Destruct should not be engaged while device is still in ear. Severe burns to the auditory canal could occur.

Cost: Not available on the market for civilians

  • costs 600 KS

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