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SAOY/DION Military Cleaning Kit, Type 33

The Star Army of Yamatai cleaning kit comes in a rolling cart and is designed for use by one or two people. It became available at the end of YE 32 and is manufactured by the Ketsurui Zaibatsu. The Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia also has access to this kit, which is simply referred to as Military Cleaning Kit, Type 33.

Price: 50 KS


  • Hand Broom and Mini Dustpan
  • Sponge Mops, 2
  • Buckets, 2
  • Dusters, extending, 2
  • Handheld Vacuum (bagless)
  • Toilet Brush
  • Plunger


The items below are consumable replacements.

  • Trash Bags
  • Goggles, 2 pairs
  • Aprons, 2
  • Box of Latex Gloves (50 pairs)
  • Box of Respirators (50)
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Scrub Brush
  • Sponges
  • Rags


Each bottle has been color coded for easy reference.

  • Dish Soap, Liquid (purple colored)
  • Spray bottle of disinfecting glass and surface cleaner (blue colored)
  • Spray bottle of enzyme fabric cleaner (green colored)
  • Tub of metal polisher (yellow)
  • Tub of floor wax (white)
  • Bottle of pure ethanol (clear) - Warning: Flammable (equivalent to industrial cleaning alcohol)

See: Star Army Chemicals

Products & Items Database
Product Categorieskits, military equipment, miscellaneous, safety equipment
Product NameMilitary Cleaning Kit
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu
Year ReleasedYE 32
Price (KS)50.00 KS

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