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Star Army Helmet, Type 41 "Kabuto"

The Type 41 Kabuto Combat Helmet, more commonly known as simply ‘The Kabuto’ or ‘Kasey H’, is a combat helmet designed by Galactic Horizon and then sold to Ketsurui Zaibatsu who then began manufacturing it for the Star Army of Yamatai, it is a sturdy, robust and feature-rich combat helmet available both with a Xiulurium shield to go along with the Shinobi Active Cloaking Suit, Type 41 or without, for more general purposes and to keep the cost down.

by Banzz


Galactic Horizon made sure they took more than a few design cues from the Star Army Helmet, Type 30 when designing the Kabuto, a rather smooth and streamlined helmet with no unnecessary protrusions, the interior is made from a tan-coloured synthetic blend of polyester and wool that wraps around nitrogen-filled Yarvex Foam to provide padding – this is then cradled within a primarily ADNR (Aggregated Diamond Nanorods) shell that has been treated with Transparent Durandium for additional resistance to energy-based attacks, likewise the "Enkei" Visual Enhancement Visor, Type 41 is a single piece of tinted Transparent Durandium.

The helmet is designed for modularity without sacrificing structural integrity in the process, favouring larger and sturdier sections of the helmet over small components. Some of these removable parts include the respiratory equipment that is able to swing away and detach much like the mouthpiece of a traditional pilot's helmet. Though doing this removes the front part of the helmet's seal. Likewise the ARTCs visor can be detached if desired as can the helmet's two communications modules, which sit on either side of the helmet. The optional "Enkei" Visual Enhancement Visor, Type 41 visor attaches to the helmet through a series of easily swappable attachment lugs.

Overall the helmet is designed to fulfil a variety of roles from basic security in the halls of a Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship to covert operations on some noxious backwater planet, it is powered via a small bioelectric generator that converts escaping body heat into the small bit of power the helmet requires

An optional Xiulurium insert can be bought and gets placed in the small cavity under the helmet’s main outer shell, this configuration is intended to be used with the Shinobi Active Cloaking Suit, Type 41 or a similarly shielded uniform.

Various hook-ups for water, oxygen and data run along the underside of the helmet’s ‘jaw’. by Banzzby Banzz

About the Type 41 Kabuto Combat Helmet
Groups Using This Product: Star Army of Yamatai1)
Type: Utility Equipment
Nomenclature: GH-g15-1h
Designer: Galactic Horizon
Manufacturer: Ketsurui Zaibatsu
Entered Production: YE 41
Defensive Capacity
Tier 3, Heavy Personnel


The Kabuto is a fairy low-profile helmet with a distinct visor at the front, a small protrusion on either side marks the casing for the communications modules but otherwise it is sleek and smooth – available in a wide variety of colours and patterns used by the Star Army of Yamatai though by default it is available in the same colours as the ke-m2-4 Mindy, sometimes seen with the mouthpiece and primary visor removed in more lax postings or with the optional "Enkei" Visual Enhancement Visor, Type 41 attached during more tense situations.

The helmet has a matte black collar that contains the laryngophone and helps hide the metal locking ring that lets it make an airtight seal with suits rated to do so.


The Kabuto is worn just like any other helmet, pulled down over the head until it sits flush and comfortably against the wearer’s head, the various functions of it are controlled via the synaptic scanner that pads out the helmet, such as cycling through various HUD elements and accessing the functions of certain components – it is locked to the neck of compatible suits with a simple twisting motion that is likewise reversed to unlock it.


Without the Enkei attached the helmet is limited to projecting light forwards from a strip around the wearer’s eyes – with the Enkei attached though and with access to its severely stripped down AIES the wearer’s vision can be augmented in a variety of ways. The visual enhancement systems of this helmet without the "Enkei" Visual Enhancement Visor, Type 41 include:

  • Light

With the "Enkei" Visual Enhancement Visor, Type 41:

  • Light
  • Thermal
  • IR
  • low-light
  • x150 zoom
  • Standard optical input
  • laser range finder

As well as a laser mic that works up to 1km from the device itself.

The communications systems of this helmet contain:

  • Voice, via microphone and loudspeaker
  • Conventional radio
  • Satellite
  • peer to peer relay

The Kabuto’s life support system is rather robust and is able to provide the wearer with 48 hours worth of oxygen before requiring replenishment, though this can be augmented via the various hook-ups for oxygen, water and data that run along the underside of the helmet – note that for the helmet to be considered seal-worthy it must have the mouthpiece and default visor attached and also be sealed to an appropriate suit, all non-automatic functions 2) are controlled via a more refined version of the ASCI that pads the helmet.

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Primarily Intelligence Operatives and Rangers for the Xiulurium-sheilded variant
such as sensors that test air-quality

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