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Shinobi Active Cloaking Suit, Type 41

The Type 41 Shinobi Active Cloaking Suit, commonly referred to as ‘The SACS’ or simply ‘The Shinobi’, is a Xiulurium-lined jumpsuit commonly used in tandem with the Star Army Helmet, Type 41 "Kabuto" to keep non-power armoured infantry units cloaked and protected from hazardous environments with minimal hazard – the uniform was designed by Galactic Horizon 1) in early YE 41 before they sold the design to Ketsurui Zaibatsu who then began manufacturing it for the Star Army of Yamatai.

About the Type 41 Shinobi Active Cloaking Suit

The Shinobi is a powerful, easy to use stealth system designed to be worn by individuals slated for covert operations where subtlety is key and power armour would be considered overkill – it was designed to strike the perfect balance between being simple to use and effective enough to prove itself a worthy addition the Star Army of Yamatai’s arsenal.

About the Type 41 Shinobi Active Cloaking Suit
Groups Using This Product: Star Army of Yamatai2)
Type: Utility Equipment
Nomenclature: GH-G15-2e
Designer: Galactic Horizon
Manufacturer: Ketsurui Zaibatsu
Entered Production: YE 41
Defensive Capacity
Tier 1, Light Personnel


by Banzz At a glance the Shinobi looks like it could pass as a hooded hybrid between the Star Army Field Jacket, Type 37A and the Star Army Coverall, Type 36, a hooded set of overalls with detachable boots and gloves – when in passive mode the ensemble is two-tone with the majority of the uniform being olive drab with Nataria green panelling, the bicep have darker, almost black sections that boast the Star Army Hinomaru with white text beneath reading “Star Army”, a pocket sits over each hip with larger ones running down the thighs to the knee. The hood transitions into an extra layer of elemental protection over the shoulders that doubles as a cover for the suit’s seam, this seam extends up from the chest into a neck-glove that locks into most Yamataian Star Army helmets though is designed specifically for the Star Army Helmet, Type 41 "Kabuto" – the palm-side of the gloves are made with a small measure of additional Xiulurium in the fingertips to function as capacitive surfaces that can interact with touch-screen devices without revealing the wearer’s location, lined with a tan-coloured synthetic blend of polyester and wool taken from the ke-m6-2a Daisy.

Of course with the inclusion of a network of photosensitive smart pigments the suit can wrap itself in a wide variety of camouflages either from the Star Army of Yamatai’s library or something even more situational that constantly updates itself as a form of reactive camo, even small things such as a strip across the bicep helping display one’s occupational colour if the need arises.


The Type 41 Shinobi Active Cloaking Suit is disproportionately simplistic in design for something so effective, a Xiulurium chainmail core with smart-pigment-laced polymer fabric on the outside and the ke-m6-2a Daisy’s interior lining on the inside with the suit’s graphene circuitry nano-woven in – a micro-aether tap sits in an internal pocket and provides the little bit of power the suit requires, everything from the smart pigment to the barometer, air-quality sensor and solenoid valve is all powered by a Ke-M10-G4100 Long Life Power Cell without its polymer sleeve – the suit features hardened elbow pads, kneepads and knuckles for a bit of extra protection.

The collar makes use of the same three-button module from the type 37a field jacket which functions the same way, one button for loading stored patterns, one for setting the colour pallet to reflect the surroundings and one to set it to reactive camo mode – the gloves and boots are attached via low-profile locking rings that are engaged and disengaged with a twisting motion, an audible click that reverberates up the suit to be heard by the user even in a vacuum.

In addition to a stealth suit the Shinobi is also rated as an exo-atmospheric and hazardous environment suit, able to shield the wearer from extreme temperatures, high levels of radiation and the dangers of space.


The Shinobi’s Layer of Xiulurium shields it from most forms of active sensors while the smart-pigment helps hide the wearer visually, the suits makes use of a barometer and air-quality sensor hooked up to a solenoid valve on the back of the neck to automatically gauge the current air-quality and open if it is deemed safe for the wearer, requiring a small twist to manually open or close if any part of the system is damaged – the three-button module located inside the collar is used to control the smart pigment if the user does not have; a digital mind, compatible mindware or a synaptic-scan enabled helmet/device linked to the system, the suit is rated as a fully-functioning exo-atmospheric suit that can protect the wearer from the harsh environment of space.

Donning and Doffing the suit

The Type 41 Shinobi Active Cloaking Suit has a rather basic set of steps to don it, indicative of other one-piece jumpsuits. It is stepped into, through the neck, with the wearer’s legs going through until their ankles pass the locking ring or fit into the boots if they are attached – the suit is then pulled up and the wearer likewise pushes their arms into the appropriate cavities until their wrists pass the locking rings or their hands fit into the gloves if they are attached, the two halves of the suit naturally pull towards each other and automatically seal from the base of the upper chest to just beneath their jaw.

The hood is pulled up just like any other and is designed to cast shadows over the wearer’s face when fully extended, variants are available for species with less-standard limb configurations and bodily shapes such as Separa'Shan, Kodians and Elysian – each suit is custom-fit for the intended wearer and provides enough room to wear a reasonable bit of clothing beneath.

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Product Categoriesmilitary equipment
Product Name"Shinobi" Active Cloaking Suit, Type 41
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu
Year ReleasedYE 41

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