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Ke-M2-G3200 Fusion Generator

Designed for use when the risk of Aether Detection is too high, and stealth is the main concern, or when extra power that can't be provided by a capacitor is in order. It became available in YE 32.


This module was created utilizing the fusion generator concept from the Daisy Heavy Fusion Power Pack. The fusion generator was removed and 'married' to a high density capacitor.


The Ke-M2-G3200 was concieved by YSS Eucharis Technician Nitô Heisho Takeyu Nayacesen after the successful completion of the rescue of YSS Freedom Personnel. However, because of the high risk of Aetheric Detection, the Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor could not be used.

Takyeu felt that the rigging of battery packs to the power armor just wasn't practical, due to the unknown time that would be spent on the surface. Upon return to the Eucharis, he began to think up of another way to help solve this issue. Initially, his idea was to use a battery pack that was designed as a module to be placed on the Dorsal and Leg hard points, but the concept didn't pan out to well and he discovered various issues - including the energy consumption of the power armor.

It wasn't until he was given the idea of utilizing a power generator instead, and adapted the power generator found inside the Daisy's Fusion Thruster Pack. Though not originally intended to power anything bigger, Takeyu made modifications to the generator to better serve its new role.


Class: Power Generator Nomenclature: Ke-M2-G3200 Designers: Nayacesen Takeyu Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Users of this product: Star Army of Yamatai


The module has the basic look of a typical backpack; there are a series of four heat sinks located on each side of the backpack and two located on the top. There is a hidden heat sink on the bottom nearest the capacitor.

Four panels located beneath the generators casing allow access to some of the internal parts, bolts located on the sides of the pack and of the capacitor also allow access to its insides. The casing, upon removal, reveals the generator within. Six ‘containment’ latches are located on the sides of the generator casing, three on each side, and keep the case in place.

There are two output plugs on either side of the pack, and a refueling plug located more toward the top for refueling the internal tank.


A modified version of the power generator found aboard the Daisy Fusion Thruster Pack.

The generator was equipped with a throttle system, allowing the pilot to adjust how the generator operates. This permits the pilot to tell the generator to produce more or less power, depending on circumstances and needs. This also serves as a partial means of controlling how much heat the generator creates.

Located around the generator is an armored casing which protects it from small arms fire, this casing can be removed, allowing direct access to the generator and making it easy to repair. Removing the casing will only result in a small change in heat buildup; heat sinks placed around the generator and on top and on the sides will help dispel the heat.

There is a failsafe system in place that'll throttle down the generator if it reaches a predefined temperature. This fail safe can be disengaged if the pilot so desires, but it is not recommended. Going beyond safe temperature levels can result in significant damage to hardware, or even death.

If the pilot needs to reduce the heat level of the generator right away, submerging the suit in water will instantly start cooling the generator. All of its critical components are insulated so only the heat sink is exposed for cooling. This feat is accomplished much easier when the armored casing is removed.

Its main usage is to combat Aether Detection when stealth is the main call, because of that the generator was designed to take into account the Mindy 2h's Active Camo system.

The generator can be used to power various modules that the Mindy utilizes when Stealth is not the primary concern. However, it should be noted that it's not a complete replacement to the onboard Aether Power plant or the capacitors. It should only really be used when the risk of Aether Detection is high, or when the pilot needs more combat power and thus stealth is not a concern.

When accompanied by the Aether Generator, the fusion generator doesn't need to be active and thus can remain offline until such a time that it's needed. Or it can be used as a secondary generator to provide a dedicated power source to modules, this includes the teleportation module and any other power hungry modules.

However, when operating without the Aether Generator, it is advised AGAINST using power hungry weapons that require a line feed to a generator. Weapons that don't use a large amount of power, or ballistic weapons, should be used.

There are noticeable drawbacks, such as the heat generation, which can make the suit appear on thermal sensors. This can be combated against by limiting the amount of power the generator is producing when full power is not needed or by turning off the generator and utilizing its onboard capacitor until the generator itself has cooled down.

Though the unit is not powerful enough to handle power hungry weapons for as long as the Aether Generator can, the system was geared toward planetary and intra-ship encounters, where high energy output is not as critical and other weapons types are utilized.

Operational Usage

Fuel is a concern for this generator, and the throttle does help to eliviate this problem, but not completely. The fuel tank onboard was also enlarged just a bit to give the generator more fuel to use.

How long the unit operates depends on how hard the generator is being run, if it's being operated at a constant 100% then the fuel will last for only eight hours. It is for this reason that the generator shouldn't be run at full power unless specifically needed to, the generator can power a Mindy 2H fully along with its Active Camouflage system engaged for twelve hours max. Sixteen hours without the Active Camo engaged. Reducing the amount of power that generator produces will also gradually reduce performance of the armor, but in turn helps conserve fuel. Powering down unneeded systems will also further conserve fuel.

:!: WARNING: Going BEYOND 100% Output runs the risk of burning out the generator! This should ONLY be done as a last resort!

:!: Danger: This unit has a high likelihood of exploding if the generator itself receives a direct hit!

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