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Ke-M2-P3000 Power Armor Teleportation Unit

The P3000 is a YE 30 update of the Ke-M2-P2900 Power Armor Teleportation Unit Power Armor Teleportation Unit developed by the Star Army Research Administration's Scorpio Research Base. It is slightly improved and is now manufactured directly by Ketsurui Fleet Yards. Development in teleportation has been slow but steady, using data gained from Black Spiral and heavy SARA testing. The Ke-M2-P3000 is able to carry more mass than its predecessor and takes less time to charge. The biggest benefit of this teleportation unit is that it is powerful enough to carry two power armors at once. Do not allow any other factions to capture or examine this technology.

:!: DANGER: In atmospheric environments, causes a shockwave of heat, light, sound, and radiation. More dangerous indoors. The shockwave can rupture eardrums, caused temporary or permanent blindness and flash burns.

  • Charge Cycle: Forty-five seconds to charge if the power armor is idling. Heavy use delays charging.
  • Range: About 3 AU. Longer jumps could be made with the help of a starship IES and TQP-RDD.
  • Maximum Mass: Can safely transport up to about 350 kg.
Mass Estimation Chart (*estimated items)
Armor Model Armor Mass Average NH-29 Weaponry* CFWEP/Field Pack* Total Remaining Capacity
Mindy 1F 115 kg 45 kg 10 kg 3 kg 173 about 177 kg
Mindy 1H 115 kg 45 kg 10 kg 10 kg 180 about 170 kg
Mindy 2A 100 kg 45 kg 10 kg 10 kg 165 about 175 kg

:!: DANGER: Do not exceed mass limit, or partial teleportation may occur! :!: WARNING: These units will self-destruct if tampered with. No user-serviceable parts. Send damaged units back to Scorpio Star Fortress.

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