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KE-M91 SAR Conversion

The SAR (Search and Rescue) conversion, created in YE 28 by Ketsurui Zaibatsu, makes the armor it is performing on act as an additional boon to medics and support while out in the field. Regarded as capable in explicit emergency and evacuation situations as well as for general use by medics, the SAR conversion is a great addition to an armor team. Though it has mobility drawbacks, supplemental power for shielding the wearer is an important advantage to this conversion system.


The YSA Engineering and Medical Corps faced several related problems with respect to damaged ships: casualties trapped in hostile, inaccessible places. Crewmembers equipped with existing rescue gear would succumb to the hazards within, and power-armored troops lacked rescue gear. The combination often proved unwieldy. The two Corps jointly developed the Ke-M91 Search and Rescue Conversion to outfit existing armor, deemed a much more effective solution than a new armor design.


The M91 is a conversion kit, compatible with the M2-1E and M3-1C models of power armor. It was designed to be able to be installed in a matter of minutes by personnel with adequate training, and to be uninstalled in only a little longer. It consists of mostly external parts, tools, and a few upgraded systems. It includes an exoskeletal harness, supplemental armor, a utility arm, medical NSB, and integrated medical equipment.


The real drawback to the M91 is that power armor having undergone the conversion is far less capable in combat, with significantly reduced firepower. However, the purpose of such a conversion is ostensibly in a support role.


It is of note that the armor and shielding of the unit is actually superior, due to it being meant to function in extremely hostile environments, such as around a compromised antimatter containment field.


Some general information about the conversion system can be found below.

  • Government: Yamatai Star Empire
  • Organization: The Star Army of Yamatai
  • Type: Power Armor Special Purpose Conversion Kit
  • Class: Search And Rescue Equipment Package, Mark 91
  • Designers:
    • Star Army Research Administration
    • Star Army Fifth Expeditionary Fleet
    • Star Army Corps of Engineers
    • Star Army Medical Corps
  • Manufacturers: Ketsurui Fleet Yards
  • Mass: 97Kg


The armaments of the package may be found below:

  • Ketsurui Fleet Yards Type W28XX (FIXME: fill the number in Wes ~Yuuchan) Plasma Projector: Designed for use as a tool as much as a weapon, the W28XX is one of the primary systems of the M91 Kit. It can be used for cutting, welding, boring, drilling, starting fires, and melting, among other things. Like the Type 2701 Aether Beam Rifle, the Plasma Projector's beam can be focused at a limited range, sacrificing it for power, allowing it to be used as a blade. The W28XX is actually a weaponized version of an industrial plasma system commonly found in the manufacturing and mining sectors. It looks similar to the 2701 but is much shorter, looking like a carbine version of it. The Plasma Projector, however, has three prongs instead of two.
    • DRv3 Tier: Tier 4 Anti armor and anti personnel
    • Purpose: Hull cutting tool. Debris clearing, repair, and demolitions.
    • Damage: Cascading thermal and ionizing effects from electrically-charged, superheated gases vented at ultra-high velocity. Can be focused from a pinpoint beam microns in diameter, to a cone of up to 45 degrees.
    • Range: Up to 157,000Km (97,555 miles). 1.55m (5 feet) for blade.
    • Rate of Fire: 0.073 seconds warm-up time before initiation. Beam can be constantly sustained throughout the life of the power source. 0.091 seconds cool-down time after termination.
    • Payload: Effectively unlimited when properly attached to the Mindy power armor. The back-mounted fuel cell (BU-M67) occupies the other free back slot. It can transform even the sparse heavy hydrogen and other gases in deep space into a virtually unlimited supply of plasma, as well as draw them from the armor's wearer, if need be. Free-floating W28XX Projectors rely on the same battery magazine used by the 2701(BU-M20) which holds enough power for three full minutes of sustained use. In addition, they require fuel canisters of deuterium (BU-M13) that last for approximately the same amount of time. The Mindy carries two extra magazines and two extra fuel canisters on its thighs.

Systems Listing

Below is a listing of the systems within the SAR conversion.

Nomenclature System Name Notes
Ke-M91-X29XX Exoskeletal Enhanced Power Harness Increases strength; reduces mobility
Ke-M91-X29XX Supplemental Protective System Supplemental armor and field amplifier
Ke-M91-X29XX Multifunction Utility Arm Package High-Strength Utility Arm with Tool Package
Ke-M91-X29XX Emergency Medical System Uplink Embedded Medical Equipment
Ke-M91-W28XXX-NSB Search and Rescue Nodal Support Bits Special Purpose NSB


A more in-depth look at the systems is below:

Exoskeletal Enhanced Power Harness (Ke-M91-X29XX)

This spider-like device fits over the armor's torso and limbs, and consists of thick myomer cables and heavy hydraulics, and greatly increases the lifting strength and load-bearing capability of the armor. However, it has the drawback of significantly reducing the overall agility and mobility of the craft.

Supplemental Protective System (Ke-M91-X28XX)

Looking like nothing so much as a suit of medieval armor, these bulky plates consist of sandwiched layers of titanium-alloy, depleted uranium, gold, lead, and polymer ceramics. The are coated with an extra-thick layer of Zesuaium, and designed to fit over top of the standard armor such as that found on the M2 Mindy (Ke-M2-F2703), providing much greater protection from hazards such as prolonged exposure to vented antimatter or plasma from a failed reactor core for example. For added protection, there is an amplification unit for boosting the power of the electrogravitic and electrostatic fields from the Combined Field System that mounts at the lower back. It also contains the equipment necessary to boost the suits communication equipment to overcome the interference from the amplified fields, and the hostile environments the suit is likely to encounter. This significantly increases the suit's survivability versus ship mounted weaponry as well, but does somewhat impact mobility. It is possible to mount a Star Army Butt Pack, Type 29 on the system's housing.

Multifunction Utility Arm with Tool Package (Ke-M91-X28XX)

A huge, articulated, armored, full-arm gauntlet that stretches from shoulder to hand, the X28XX attaches to the X29XX Power Harness for control and power, and fits over the an arm of the power armor, effectively replacing it while engaged and retracting to the shoulder when disengaged. The Utility Arm's myomers and hydraulics are even more substantial that of the Power Harness. The hand of the X28XX is a pincer-like claw, most similar to the “Jaws of Life.” There is a power take-off mount for various other hydraulic tools such as saws, drills, and power hammers, and a retractable, automatic storage and selector system for it.

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