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Variable Configuration Mission Adaptive Drone - Terrain

The Ke-O6-1a Variable Configuration Mission Adaptive Drone is a multifunction drone that became available in YE 31.

About the VCMAD-T


The VCMAD-T is the latest offering by Ketsurui Zaibatsu for use by the Star Army of Yamatai. Original development for the systems was tactical in nature, but with the recent changes in the Star Army of Yamatai the role of the device was expanded for exploration and possible civil use.

The VCMAD-T is built with a titanium frame and covered in a carbon composite material. This keeps the weight low for the VCMAD-T. It is built low to the ground for stability. It has banks of Photovoltaic cells which recharge the power cells for extended duration.

VCMAD-T with legs in stowed position.


The VCMAD can be deployed autonomously. It will perform the specified mission objective by the best means possible. It is has standard evasion tactics as part of its programming. The VCMAD can also be controlled via Telepresence using either Armor Integrated Electronics System (AIES) or the Ke-M2-E3000 Leader Support Pack, or spine interface on a ship.

In the event of catastrophic damage or failure, the VCMAD will self-destruct.

The VCMAD-T drone uses various mission modules to change its purpose. The VCMAD-T has two bays for the modules to plug into.


  • Length: 2 meters (6.74 feet)
  • Width: 1 meter (3.37 feet)
  • Height (Legs stowed): .66 meter (2.45 feet)
  • Height (Standing): 1.8 meters (6 feet)


  • Treads: 64 kph (40 mph)
  • Walking: 16 kph (10 mph)

Operational time: 36-48 hours

Launch and Recovery

Preparation for launch

The VCMAD-T must be prepared for launch by installing the desired mission modules for the desired task.

The VCMAD-T can be launched from any location that has a ramp suitable for it to roll or walk down.

VCMAD-T with legs deployed for walking.


Note: All components in the drone are equipped with anti-tamper devices. Only Ketsurui Zaibatsu trained technicians may service them.

Ke-O4-G3000 Power cells (2)

The VCMAD-T uses the same power cells as the Ke-O4-1a VCMAD-A.

Ke-O4-E3000 Avionics

The VCMAD-T uses the same avionics as the Ke-O4-1a VCMAD-A.

Ke-O6-P3100 Tread units (2)

The Ke-O6-P3100 are the primary propulsion for the VCMAD-T. It can continue to operate at half speed with only one of them operational.

Ke-O6-P3101 Cyber Legs (4)

These Ke-O6-P3101 are the secondary propulsion for the VCMAD-T. Used to allow the VCMAT-T to traverse terrain unsuited for the treads. It takes approximately 30 seconds for the legs to deploy or be stowed. The legs are composed of a titanium steel alloy. They are strong enough to lift the VCMAD-T plus the weight of an average person. Integrated in each Ke-O6-P3101 foot is a Molecure Tape dispenser, this allows the VCMAD-T can scale vertical objects. Provided that the object to be scaled can support the weight of the VCMAD-T.

Mission bays (2)

The mission bays provide, power and control connections to the Compact Integrated Electronics System (CIES), have removable panels to accomdate module features such as cameras, antennae, etc.

Mission Modules

Ke-O6-E3100-ca Chemical Analysis (Bloodhound)

Purpose: Detect and analyze chemicals. The Ke-O6-E3100-ca can detect and analyze chemicals, it can also cross reference them against specific items. For example when scanning luggage for contraband, the Ke-O6-E3100-ca can search for specific compounds. It can also track a chemical trail or follow a person's scent, hence its nickname. The Ke-O6-E3100-ca can also be used in conjunction with the Ke-O6-E3100-ss to provide immediate analysis of samples.

Ke-O6-E3100-md Mine Detection/Removal (Sweeper)

Restricted to Star Army of Yamatai, Yamatai National Police use only Purpose: Location and neutralization of land mines. This module has two manipulator arms, with interchangeable attachments. These are used to detect mines both on the surface and beneath it. After locating a mine the unit identifies the type, and determines the best course of action for neutralization.

Ke-O6-E3100-bd Bomb disposal (Disposer)

Restricted to Star Army of Yamatai, Yamatai National Police use only Purpose: The disarming or disposing of explosive devices, in a safe and controlled manner. This module has two manipulator limbs, each equipped with a small camera. It has probes to examine the circuitry of the bomb. It is used to analyze an explosive device, examine the detonating circuits and determine how the bomb can best be disabled. It can also pick up the object and remove it to a safe location for detonation.

Ke-O6-E3100-ss Soil Sampler (Digger)

Purpose: To collect and store soil samples for analysis. The Ke-O6-E3100-ss module has two manipulator/scoops for gathering soil samples. It also has ten storage containers that the samples are placed into. The module also has a cleaning receptacle that the scoops are placed into to avoid cross contamination.

Ke-O4-E3000-ar Audio Reconnaissance (Big ear)

This is the same module used in the VCMAD-A Ke-O4-E3000-ar

Ke-O4-E3000-vr Video Reconnaissance (Sky eye)

This is the same module used in the VCMAD-A Ke-O4-E3000-vr

Ke-O6-E3100-sr Search and Rescue (Life saver)

Purpose: Aid in the locating and recover of personnel in disaster situations. This module has two telescoping limbs for inserting into debris and listening for indications of life. If a subject is located, it uses a more durable limb to deploy needed supplies to injured individuals, or it can be used to position inflatable devices to help stabilize the debris while recovery proceeds.

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