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Ke-S3-F4200 Hanger Deck Package

The Ke-SE-F4200 Hanger Deck Package was created at the behest of Taisa Ise Katae. Ketsurui Fleet Yards constructed it YE 42 as part of the construction of the YSS Aeon II. It is available for any 2E Plumeria was made for the Star Army of Yamatai.


YE 41 Taisa Ise Katae chose to make use of the Plumeria 2E deck package and create a larger space for small craft. After a number of sessions with the Star Fortress team. A virtual solution was generated. A few more sessions helped to refine the concept.

YE 42 The completed deck package was constructed and installed in the YSS Aeon II.

Details About Ke-S3-F4000 Hanger Deck Package

One of the problems that Ise Katae felt needed fixing on the old Aeon was the minimal space for small craft. With the Deck Package she created a space to allow the Aeon II to have more craft.

It features a smaller version of the Ke-A1-R4200 Vehicle Subspace Deployment System from the Heitan 1B

Readiness Area

This is where the technicians prepare, equip and repair the craft. When in operation the area is well illuminated. During off shift periods lighting is reduced to 50%.

Each craft is assigned has a specific location in the hangar deck. This is where it is maintained, prepared and repaired. Each has diagnostic interfaces and a standard Star Army Tool Locker. The space can be reconfigured to accommodate larger craft should it be necessary. A Firefighting Version of the tool locker is also stationed by the craft.

The floor of the readiness area is light gray. Volumetric markers show the boundary for each craft. The markers show the status of the craft.

  • Green - Vehicle can be approached by any personnel
  • Yellow - Vehicle should only be approached by trained personnel. The vehicle could be having tests run on the craft or a procedure, such as decontamination.
  • Red - Vehicle is not safe for personnel to approach without safety gear.

Flight Briefing

This compartment is a configurable briefing room. in the front of the room is where the presenters stand. Depending on the time table the presenter may use a volumetric image to deliver the details while remaining at their station. There are two sets of doors on the side walls. The flight crews use them to gain access to the briefing.

It has rows of seats for the folks who are flying. There are volumetric displays that project the mission data so that all members can see the information. The room systems will also download the mission specifications to whatever approved device the members have.

Briefing Room

Deploy and Recovery

There are two retractable launch tubes in the stern, and are only deployed for craft launching. The launch tubes rotate inward for stowing. Once rotated in Zesuaium panels cover the tubes.

There are two extending landing tubes in the forward section of the Deck Package for recovery. Once retracted Zesuaium panels cover the tubes.


The Hangar Deck is equipped with two Star Army Escape Pod, Type 41 "Kodate" this is for use by NH-33M (Miniature). The NH-33M are assigned to maintain the various crafts. There is a two meter wide 'habitat' area surrounding the "Kodate". This is space used by the NH-33M, it has an assortment of gardens and physical activities items scaled to the NH-33M.

The Kodate are deployed in the event of ship sustaining severe damage. The forward Kodate triggers explosive bolts to release the forward hull plate. It then launches through the opening. The aft Kodate is launched through the cargo doors on Deck 5.


  • 90 meters long
  • 25 meters at widest
  • 4 meters


These numbers reflect the number of craft that can be safely place in the hanger. Typically a mixture of craft would be in place.

Cargo Access

The aft portion of the Deck Package has a section of floor that acts as a lift 5m x 5m. This allows the crew to transfer larger equipment from the Cargo Hold to the Hanger or vice versa. The section uses anti-gravity modules to lift it. The ceiling opens to accept the section which locks in place until it is ready to lower.

OOC Notes

Authored by Nashoba Jan 5, 2020 Artwork created by Nashoba Submission Approved by Andrew on January 14, 2020. Forum Thread.

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