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Star Army Equipment Labels

Star Army of Yamatai equipment is typically labeled with the following labels. The labels may appear as stamps, painted stencils, or stamps.

Seen above: A Star Army equipment label on the side of a Star Army Ke-K3 Forklift (above the rear wheel).

Label Description

The labels are typically rectangular and contain the following information:

Sometimes the location of manufacture will also included in the date field.

The labels are normally done in black or white depending on what provides the most contrast against the background.


The example used is for a Ke-M2-W2913 Aether/Scalar Submachine Gun.

MOD Ke-M2-W2913
S/N 00001
MFR 8月 YE 29
UNIT YSS Eucharis

It is customary for a Materiel Tracking System number to be placed directly below the equipment label.


The layout of these labels is inspired by the stencils on aircraft of the Japanese military in World War 21).

Original artwork for the forklift is licensed from Adobe Stock by Wes and modified for Star Army use.

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