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Ke-V8-M4200 - Secure Mission Kit

The V8-M4200 Mission Kit is a secure container that is loaded with items for a specific mission.


The V8-M4200 Mission Kit was created during the Ke-V8 Super Kawarime Class Redesign YE 42.

Details About Mission Kit

The kit is sealed, and only the person or persons who are assigned to can open it easily. It has four latching units that will respond to a specific biometric, or a psionic code.

The Mission Kit is used for when supplies for a specific mission are needed. An example would be when inserting a Star Army Intelligence operative or a Demolition Expert.

Mission Kit


  • Length: .91 meters (36 inches)
  • Height: .45 meters (18 inches)
  • Width: .45 meters (18 inches)


  • Rugged Construction
  • Biometric security system


The mission kit is made from Osmiridium.

Biometric Security System

The footlocker is secured with a biometric security system. The user can choose between using the integrated thumbprint reader, a keypad entered combination, or both. the control pad has a cover which prevents damage to the panel.

Powered by a Ke-G1-P3100 - Power cell that can operate the system for two months before needing recharge.

OOC Notes

Nashoba created this article on 2020/03/11 14:22. Artwork created by Nashoba using DOGA and Fireworks. Approval Thread

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Product NameSecure Mission Kit
Year ReleasedYE 42

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