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Star Army Prisoner Handling Kit, Type 33

As the Second Mishhuvurthyar War went on, the Star Army of Yamatai began to capture increasing numbers of NMX personnel. The prisoner handling kit allows Star Army soldiers to safely secure, track, and provide for up to 10 prisoners per kit in accordance with the Star Army Prisoner Of War Policy. The kit comes in a standard trunk and is best used in combination with some sort of physical confinement/shelter area, a Medical Kit, and a source of food and water.


Art by Alexandra Douglass

For Guards

Prisoner Standard Issue

There are 10 complete sets of the following items:

  • Flip-Flops, Neon Pink
  • POW Meal Kit
    • Plastic Spork with a fat rounded bottom and a short, flexible stubby body
    • Plastic Food Bowl, microwaveable
    • Plastic Cup, microwaveable
  • POW Hygiene kit
    • Soap (liquid or bar type)
    • Shampoo, if available
    • Washcloth, White
    • Cheap Towel, White
    • Fingertip silicone gel toothbrush
    • Tube of toothpaste
  • POW Blanket (typically a thick white felt comforter with “PROPERTY OF THE STAR ARMY OF YAMATAI” stenciled on it)
  • POW Pillow (small)

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