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Reprisal Defense System

The Reprisal was developed to help protect assets in the field, it can be paired with the Watchdog Detection System. It became available in YE 32.


The Reprisal was initially developed as a perimeter defense system for mobile and fixed bases. The original concept was developed by the Fourth Fleet, to augment the defenses of their Frontier Forts and Frontier Starports. Star Army Research Administration later took their prototypes and refined them.

About the Reprisal

The Reprisal is a self propelled, self cooling, gauss rifle weapon system. For rapid movement and deployment it lowers the pylon and uses a lower profile for higher speed. Once deployed it raises the cannon on a pylon. This allows the Reprisal a wider field of fire by elevating the weapon.



Reprisal Deployed



  • Height: 1.32m (4.3 ft) (Stowed)
  • Height: 2.24m (7.33ft) (Extended)
  • Length: 2.99m (9.84ft)
  • Width: 1.21m (4 ft)


  • Height: .71m (2.33ft)
  • Length: 2.34m (7.6ft)
  • Width: 1.21m (4 ft)

Damage Rating

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • 4 SP (Armor)

Assembly and Dis-assembly

Assembling the Reprisal is relatively simple. When shipped in a crate the unit is broken into three pieces. The base, the Ke-P4-W3200 Gauss Cannon with control yoke, and the radar antenna.


  • Remove the cover in the bottom of the pylon on Reprisal base unit.
  • Pull cable out of compartment and attach to bottom of control yoke.
  • Place yoke into top of pylon and engage locks
  • Attach comm/radar antenna.
  • Unit commences power up and self diagnostic.
  • Unit operational.


  • Turn off unit from status screen.
  • Disconnect the comm/radar antenna.
  • Unlock yoke and lift cannon.
  • Disconnect cable from yoke.
  • Stow cable in base and replace cover.

Mode of Operation

Quick Shot

This mode fires three rounds in a 12 cm triangle pattern. This mode was added for use in conjunction with the Watchdog Detection System. Targeting information is provided by Watchdog.


In this mode the Reprisal will fire in a specific arc at a designated height.


In Directed mode the Reprisal or a group of Reprisals are remotely controlled from a central location. From that location the operators can select targets and direct fire.


In this mode the weapon is targeted upon a specific area up to 100m x 100 and will rapidly fire 1 round per meter in a randomly generated pattern.


In this mode the Reprisal is slaved to a solder in a Daisy or other armor. It will train on whatever target the soldier selects with his armor and fire at the same time.


In Sentry mode, the Reprisal monitors a specific area and will challenge any moving object or person that is not identified with IFF.


In Automatic mode, the Reprisal will proceed to a target and fire upon it. It will use its sensors to find a safe route to traverse the intervening terrain, and determine the optimum firing position. Once the target has been neutralized it will either signal for additional commands or return to point of origin.


Durandium Construction

The Reprisal is built with a Durandium Alloy frame and is covered in molded durandium panels.

Ke-P4-W3200 Gauss Cannon

The Ke-P4-W3200 Gauss Cannon is the heart of the Reprisal system. It is attached to a control yoke, that interfaces it with the Reprisal base, and provides elevation control.

Aether Power Unit

The Reprisal has an Aether generator that handles all power requirements of the unit. It can also serve as a recharge station for a Daisy M6 Infantry Power Armor.


In the base of the reprisal is a Isolated Computer Pad. This controls all aspects of the unit, and provides networking with other units.



The Reprisal has visual sensors that are integrated into the Ke-P4-W3200 Gauss Cannon. These provide normal and night-vision capabilities.


The Reprisal has audio pickups on the base on all faces. This allows the unit to listen for movement and determine the location of its source.


The Reprisal has a short range radar 10km (6 miles), for detecting and tracking vehicles and other moving objects.


The Reprisal has a LADAR which provides targeting for non-radar reflective targets.


The Reprisal is equipped with a secure communications transmitter, with encryption. This allows the unit to send and receive data securely. This is a multi-band, multi-channel system, with an effective range of 100km (60 miles).

Another aspect of the communications is Identification Friend or Foe (IFF), which allows the Reprisal to differentiate between friendly soldiers and hostiles.

Ke-P4-P3200 Treads

The Reprisal is propelled by four independently controlled treads. The provide the Reprisal with excellent turning and mobility over most terrain. The propel the unit at 100km (62 mph) with the pylon retracted, and 50km (31 mph)with it extended.

Ke-P4-M3202 Yoke

Ke-P4-W3200 with yoke

The yoke allows the Ke-P4-W3200 Gauss Cannon to pitch up and down and swivel on top of the Reprisal pylon. The yoke provides 30 degrees up pitch and 15 degrees down.

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons
Product NameReprisal Defense System
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu
Year ReleasedYE 32
Price (KS)0.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 6

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