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Shibui Powered Suit (Test Type)

The Shibui is in its prototype stages where a small group of individuals are beta testing the skin suit, or as it is is more aptly called, a powered suit. These suits are unavailable for any crew or starship at this time. It is not for sale at any Star Army Surplus Store or equivalent. This suit is a test type that never left alpha testing and is not to be used in RP.

Art by Ametheliana

Shibui 渋い in Yamataigo means an aesthetic centered around simple, subtle, unobtrusive beauty.

More About the Shibui

The Shibui armor utilizes the following:


Below is the DRv3 Tier:

SARPv3 Tier: 2, Medium Anti-Personnel


Gregor made the suit for Ketsurui Zaibatsu in YE 39. It was tested by YSS Kaiyō II personnel during Project Star Princess 1).


The Shibui is made to fit the wearer and, thus, can be used by all species employed by the SAoY. It is lightweight and easy to carry around when not worn. The phased pulse weaponry is a boon to the suit's weaponry. New technology such as its clothblades allows for closer interfacing with the suit.


Each suit is tailored to the wearer, so suits cannot be recycled for other soldiers and they cannot be mass-produced for that reason. They have no teleportation feature, deemed too unsafe. The aether generators can cause harm to those not wearing a suit or armor and show signatures on some sensor equipment. Only one type of weapon comes on the armor, the rest must be attached to a hardpoint (handheld only) or in the right side of the drop holster.


These suits are unavailable for any crew or starship at this time. Not for sale at any Star Army Surplus Store or equivalent. Only distributed to the YSS Kaiyō II outside of alpha testing sites.


Getting In and Out

Getting in and out is exactly like some lucky few do when they put on a Type 31 Skinsuit.

The item is gotten in to by unzipping it all the way until one gets to the bottom of the zipper, located just below the small of the back. Then one would face the skinsuit away from them and get into the legs of the suit as if putting on tights, rolled up slightly and loosened as the leg pulls the material onto it. Once the legs are both inside of the skinsuit, one would bring the zipper carefully from the back of the body, over the groin and then belly button. Then is a good time to put on the upper half of the suit as if putting on a cardigan, one arm at a time. Then bring the material over the chest and zip up the rest of the suit, all the way to the turtleneck collar. The helmet should then be attached and clamped in via AIES or manually by pushing down interlocking clamps on either side of the jaw.

To get out, pull off the sleeves once it is fully unzipped and then pull off the legs.

Equipment is added such as the additional dual drop holster belt. On the butt pack there is a Carabiner for attaching the helmet when not in use.

Controlling the Armor

User movement is how the user controls the armor as it is flexible and telepathic/empathic control is used to control the cloth blade features. The thrust is propelled via telepathy or verbal command.


Below are some of the varying systems of the suit.


The shielding for the suit is below.

Energy Cloak

The Ke-M2-P3002 Leg Energy Cloak Shield Projector is powered by a Bacterial Charge Pack on the left holster and functions as shielding for the skin suit.


This suit is unarmored. Art by Crystal


The suit utilizes a photonics array to camouflage it when active.

Photonics Array

The photonics array does and is the following:

  • Project light
  • Holographs, volumetrics, and solid volumetrics
  • Up to one meters away
  • Optical camouflage
  • The photonics array cannot be seen when powered.

Life Support

In the helmet of the Shibui are rebreather units and hemosnythetic inserts. The life support feature can allow the used 24 hours of assisted breathing.

Power Systems

The suit utilizes three main power systems:

Aether Generator

The suit has a small Aether Generator system built into the upper fanny area of the armor and can be seen starting at the mid to lower back and moves all the way down to the tailbone. It predominantly resides on the small of the back and has three power couplings that move with the user. Energized Xiulurium shields it from harmful interference that could interfere with the aether power generation. This aether power generator is used alongside a powerful battery capacitor system that can keep the suit powered for anywhere from an hour to 24 depending on energy usage.

Charge Pack

Turbo Aether Plasma Engines

There are Turbo Aether Plasma engines in the calves’ triangular, pop-out wings that look like the fins on the Ke-S3-W3900 Main Weapon Array. These provide propulsion for the suit and allow it to fly.

Sensors and Communications

Its sensors include:

  • Two imaging arrays (1 forward, 1 back) with nightvision and thermal viewing
  • Ultra Wide Band RADAR
  • Optical tracking abilities throughout the whole of the suit’s exterior, save for attached weaponry.


The weapons of the Shibui are below.

Phased Pulse Projectors

* Light Anti-Armor(4) Phased Pulse Projectors

The discharge of the Ke-M4-W2902 Phased Pulse Projectors is located on the palms of the user, shows itself as a purple strobe, and have a stun feature. The main charging components of this are located on the forearms.


There is a pair of hard points on the suit, one on each of the shoulders for extra handheld equipment.


The material is a highly durable and capable composite fabric of the ultra-strong fabric, largely due to its stone thread usage. The clothblades from Kyopelinvuori make it so that the suit, when put on, will recognize a user's neurological and synaptic responses. Not all species interact with this well and, at least, the suit will tighten and become fitted upon being put on. For the easily telepathic or empathic species, the suit can respond in a multitude of ways as long as the integrity of the suit remains stable. For this reason, there is a shawl-like scarf that attaches to the back of the neck and wraps around, but can be telepathically or empathically stimulated to move on the wearer's command. This cape is easily detachable either by user communication or if it is pulled in a way that will impact the wearer, it immediately detaches.


The helmet has a built-in heads-up display, AIES connectivity, sub-space radio, and is AIES capable, has radio, voice, microphone, speakers, and laser beam guided comms in it as well as oxygen-replenishing systems that can be seen as two forward facing, top of the head triangles. It contains rebreathers and hemosynthetic inserts for general life support.

Pins and Patchs

There are places on the suit for rank pins and fleet patches to be attached on pieces of attaches fabric so the air pressure of the suit is never compromised. There is a standard Star Army Hinomaru on the suit on the right arm below the shoulder and above the elbow equidistant. The rank pin goes on the left breast and the fleet patch at the top of the person's left shoulder.

OOC Notes

Ametheliana created this article on 2017/12/02 14:12.

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Topmost Hoshi and hand art by Ametheliana. Latter Hoshi artwork by Ika-hime. Nora Shi'non'ha art by Crystal.

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