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WickedArms TA-17 Survival Kit

This kit, also known as the old Star Army Survival Kit, is no longer produced but is still extremely common due to its mass production (they were made by the trillions). In the Star Army of Yamatai, it was replaced by the Star Army Survival Kit, Type 31 in YE 31. As they were replaced, many of these older kits made their way onto the civilian market through surplus sales.

Due to weight of the water (16 liters or 16 kilograms/35 lbs), this kit is rather heavy.

Price: 100 KS (may vary)


The kit is a reinforced synthetic container containing the following items:

  • A small, waterproof field manual on wilderness survival techniques
  • 2 flashlights
  • Signal mirror
  • Fire starters (tinder sticks and lighter)
  • Wire blade saw
  • Small fishing kit
  • 2 Sewing needles (large)
  • Multi-tool with razor-sharp knife blade, screwdrivers, scissors, pliers, and wire cutters
  • 20 meters of snare wire
  • 20 meters of high-strength cord
  • Magnetic compass
  • Sunblock Packets
  • 2 8-Liter (2-Gallon) water jugs
  • Roll of aluminum foil
  • 2 grease pencils, 2 waterproof markers
  • Pad of waterproof writing paper
  • 5 portable communicator devices
  • Whistle with lanyard
  • Subspace locator beacon
  • 2 neon yellow-green ponchos
  • 10 neon yellow-green glow sticks
  • neon yellow-green marking tape
  • sanitary wipes
  • packets of honey
  • packets of instant tea
  • metal cooking pot
  • 500 Water purification tablets (a 1000 gallon supply) in kits made from YE 17 to YE 29.
  • SDI Water Filtration Device or equivalent in kits made or upgraded between YE 30 and YE 31.
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Product Categorieskits, survival
Product NameTA-17 Survival Kit
ManufacturerWickedArms Industries
Year ReleasedYE 17
Price (KS)100.00 KS

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